Lake Madang – More Shame for the So-Called Managers

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The only thing that we need to do in Madang to remind ourselves that the town has had no effective management for decades is to wait for rain. Lately, since the dry season seems to have been eaten by global warming, we don’t have long to wait. In fact, though the grass should be getting a little brown by now, we’ve had no hint of a dry here.

If I look out the front door of my office after a moderate rain, this is what I see:

Lake Madang - Decades of mismanagement, corruption, and laziness

What you can’t see, for all the water, is the 40cm deep holes in the road that have made it nearly impassable.

Here’s what causes it:

Water, water and no way to the sea

The large ditch full of water is not supposed to be full of water. It is supposed to drain into the ocean. The outlets to the sea are plugged up by sediment and who knows what else, so the water has no place to go when it rains. This situation has been exactly the same for at least 15 years.

For pity’s sake, how long does it take to fix a problem like this. It is the same with roads (falling to pieces day by day), sanitation (no garbage collection now for weeks) and every other area of infrastructure that you can think of.

Every time it rains our town management is shamed

The problem is no longer one of inconvenience. In back of our office building (the cream-coloured building in the middle image) the septic system is backing up and overflowing because of the extremely high ground water level.

As of Monday, every manager who will not speak to me or fails to return my calls will be named here every time he does it. A lot of people in Madang are sick of seeing out beautiful town dissolve in a putrid bath of corruption, mismanagement and simple laziness.

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4 Responses to “Lake Madang – More Shame for the So-Called Managers”

  1. Tris Says:

    Jan, Jan, Jan… why on earth would anybody want to fix the drains? That would require far too much effort, and it’s far easier just to wade through a bit of water when it rains. If somebody gets sick, or a property gets flooded, it’s somebody else’s problem. Why should the council pay good money and break hard sweat to do anything about it? I feel there is an expectations problem here.

    Mike and I still laugh about a few days last year when it rained moderately for a day or so. All the streets flooded. Schools were closed. The water stopped running. The phone-lines went down and so did the internet. The banks all stopped working, as did the ATMs and the EFTPOS machine at MBS (in short- no way to buy anything anywhere). For the first couple of hours we revelled in our frustration and swore a lot. Then we went home and had several SPs and laughed. Only in Madang.

  2. MadDog Says:

    Go home and drink SP, indeed! Hey, *I* have a patent on that and you’re in fringing. I sincerely hope that my royalty cheque is in the mail. Otherwise you’ll be hearing from my lawyer. (If I can keep him off the buai long enough for him to remember his name.)

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