The Poisonous Playground

Posted in Dangerous, Opinions on July 18th, 2009 by MadDog
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Maybe it’s the weather. I don’t know. I seem overly grumpy and prone to critical thinking lately. Here is how it looked this morning out over Tab Anchorage:

Brooding sky over Tab Anchorage

You’d be grumpy and out-of-sorts too if you had to see that and compare it with the same image in the post here.

But, that’s not what I’m here to complain about today. If fact, I have something far more serious to complain about. Have a look at this:

Poisonous Playground

On first inspection, it seems to be only some rather decrepit looking playground equipment. It’s not the seemingly poor condition of the equipment that’s the problem. Mould will grow on anything and everything here. Things get mouldy and nasty looking very quickly. If you stand still long enough mould will glue you to the ground. No, it’s not the mould that I’m complaining about.

We went through a mild season of hell when our friend Val Jerram was arranging for the free playground equipment to be sent up through Rotary International as a gift to the children of Madang. As with most such operations, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Finally however, the playground equipment was installed and happy kids were using it.

So what thanks for such generosity was provided by the so-called caretakers of our town?  See the nasty looking jumble of colour a few metres from the playground equipment? That is the horrible, disease-laden garbage from the town market a couple of squares away.

What a perfect spot for it. It’s right next to the lily pond and just at the end of the botanical garden. If the kids get bored playing, they can probably find a snack to keep their energy up.

No wonder I’m grumpy.

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