First Cat Juggling, now Baby Balancing – Shenanigans at Blueblood

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Blueblood in a lifeline, a refuge from the pitiless tortures of life in a tropical paradise. Where does one go to escape the relentless peace and tranquillity? How can one find the bizarre in haystack of banal beauty?

Blueblood. How about Baby Balancing: (look away if you’re squeamish)

Baby Balancing - Baby #1

First it was Cat Juggling, exposed to the world for the first time in Steve Martin’s epic The Jerk. Similar so-called “sports” have sprung up in seedy bars and sweaty tropical night-spots girdling the globe. Here is an expose from The Lost Filmstrips Of Father Carlos Las Vegas De Cordova. (YouTube user mseals)

Here is another baby being balanced:

Baby Balancing - Baby #2

Well, enough frivolity.

I have to do some actual work today to earn my pathetic pay.

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