Oddball Sunrises

Posted in Mixed Nuts on August 21st, 2009 by MadDog
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This morning, deciding that I need a little more adventure in my life (one can never walk too close to the edge – short of falling over, that is), I decided to turn an ordinary sunrise into something possibly a little more interesting.

But first, I want to show you a lovely shot that Lori Witham, our Administrator of Publications, got this morning. It’s been blustery here for a couple of days. That whips up the sea along the coast and makes towering waves where the ocean crashes into the steep cliffs at the shoreline. One of the best spots to view this is near the end of the golf course on Coronation Drive close to the Coastwatchers Monument. And that is exactly where Lori went this morning to catch this very nice shot:

The Coastwatchers Monument by Lori Witham

Thanks, Lori, for letting me put that up for our readers to appreciate. If the shot looks a little fuzzy, that’s not because Lori doesn’t know her way around a camera. The air is full of salt water spray! You may have seen these other posts showing the Coastwatchers Monument here, here, and here.

Now, getting on to the very ordinary sunrise, here it is:

Ordinary Sunrise

It didn’t look even that good when I staggered out onto my veranda this morning. There was a bit of colour, but what caught my eye was the strong lights on top of a ship behind the main wharf across the harbour. The wind was blowing the leaves of my weeping willow tree. I took a shot through the leaves with a fairly long zoom. The slow shutter speed makes a nice motion blur on the leaves while leaving some of the foreground focused and giving a pleasant blurriness to the background. The shot came out much better than I expected. A nice start for the day:

Willow Sunrise

Flying Foxes were returning from their nightly feast in the bush to their roosts in the trees around Madang Town. I caught this lonely one just as he was flying overhead:

Coconut and Flying Fox Sunrise

I wish that I could have gotten him a little bigger, but I very much enjoy shots such as this one with not too much information. For me, less is more. The negative space of the sky converges with the harsh edges of the coconut tree to focus attention on the tiny dot of the Flying Fox. It’s a twist on the Rule of Thirds. The negative space occupies the Rule of Thirds spaces and the subject is smack in the middle of the frame.

Here’s another extremely simple image that tells a nice little story. You might need to click to enlarge to see the Flying Foxes scattered across the sunrise like pepper on a slice of mango:

Flying Fox Sunrise

As the sun crept up higher, it became more difficult to find something worth shooting. The primary colours of the sky were washing out to an uninteresting bluish grey and nothing else was going on. I walked over to my neighbour’s little haus win  and sat on the ground to get this shot:

Haus Win Sunrise

Then I sat there a while longer and wondered if there was any way that the day could get any better.

We’ll see.

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