Little Surfers and the Butterfly Done Right

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Since I turned over my spare Olympus SP-590UZ, which I purchased by mistake (always double-check your quantities) from to my friend, Trevor Hattersley, he’s obviously been practising. I also suspect that he may have actually read the manual, which, to my knowledge, would be an all-time first for him. Anyway, this morning this showed up in my email:

A butterfly feeding on a hibiscus by Trevor Hattersley

You may remember, from a few days ago, my feeble attempts to magically transform some horribly botched butterfly shots into “art”. I don’t think that I fooled anyone but myself. The true irony of all this is it is the exact same butterfly! Trevor had pointed it out to me. He had the Olympus with him and I had mine, which was identical. What I demand to know is HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? It’s downright embarrassing.

Okay, on to something that distresses me less.

It’s still a bit breezy here in our belated dry season. The kids were surfing along Coronation Drive again today. I stopped for a few minutes and got some better shots than I did the other day. Have a look at these little guys zooming in on those little pieces of plywood. They were getting nice long runs too. Also check how shallow the water is:

Kids surfing along Coronation Drive

Where ever there are surfers, there will be surfer girls. Madang is no exception. These young ladies have found themselves a beautiful perch right in the middle of the action:

Surfer girls about to get wet

Observing the wave train coming in, I waited. And I waited. And I waited some more until . . . Yes, the inevitable big one came along and gave them a good soaking. I haven’t heard such giggling since high school:

Surfer girls getting very wet

What fun! The shot isn’t perfect; I don’t know what went wrong. But sometimes when the technology (or the operator) fails, the result is still quite pleasing.

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5 Responses to “Little Surfers and the Butterfly Done Right”

  1. Peter Donelly Says:

    From memory those rocks are sharper than a cheese grater. Are these tough kids or what?

  2. MadDog Says:

    You’re so right, Peter. They are very rough and sharp. I used to be able to climb around on them when I was younger and my feet were tough from going barefoot all the time. But now it’s ouch, ouch, ouch! I got very badly cut up when I was getting out of the water in a swell up the north coast one time after a dive. One ruined wetsuit!

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  4. pvaldes Says:


    I was spending a full hour absolutely delighted looking a lot of birdwings

    I think your birdwing is clearly a female from the species Ornithoptera priamus. (In Greek mythology, Priam was the king of Troy during the Trojan War)

    There is a LOT of subspecies, a challenge, so I was very amused looking at white and black patterns, short, wide, more yellow, less yellow, 5 points, 4 points…

    And, that’s a little embarrasing… because I had discarded all XDD. (Yes, this often happens) semifinalists: Ornithoptera priamus albireo and O. priamus poseidon. I think I clearly have missed something…

    So… lets take a little time for the second round

  5. MadDog Says:

    Sheesh, pvaldes! I’m stunned that you get so much fun from an image in my journal. You make it all worthwhile. I’m going to try to keep finding interesting things for you to play with. You’re getting to be my favourite commenter.

    You might want to think about gathering some of your favourite nature images together, maybe five or six, and writing your comments about each of them in short paragraphs. I’d be happy to give you a guest shot on Madang – Place Bilong Mi. Just send me an email, if you like. I’ll put it all together into a post.

    In my book, you’re one cool dude!