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Posted in At Sea, Mixed Nuts on August 28th, 2009 by MadDog
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Well, everybody has heard the old joke that a boat is simply a hole in the water into which you throw money. As you can see from the looks of Faded Glory,  I don’t toss a lot of our scarce cash her way. It’s been fifteen years since she’s been painted, and she shows it. She is, however, sturdy beyond belief, having recently survived an entire coconut tree falling on her bow. It bent the sun deck down a bit on the starboard side and broke the railing. Maybe someday I’ll get it fixed.

She was carrying about a hundred kilos of barnacles on her bottom and would barely get up on a plane. Since I had no money to get her slipped, we waited until high tide, jammed a bunch of old tyres under her stern and waited for low tide in the morning. This is how she looked at about 06:15 just before I got to work changing the sonar transducer, another job that’s been waiting until we could get that area of the boat out of the water.

She’s all scraped now, except where the tyres were. I’ll do that bit when I have my dive gear on tomorrow:

Faded Glory getting her bottom cleaned

You might like to see the logo that we put on our t-shirts:

Faded Glory Ensign

You’ll note that I’m rambling more than usual today. I had no time to prepare for a post today, so I’m faking it as best I can. I’ve gotten quite interested in feather-duster worms lately. I only recently realised how beautiful they are:

Feather-duster worm

I haven’t thrown any sunrises at you for a few days, so I’ll play catch-up with a few from the last week or so. I don’t think that I’ve shown any of these before. This one is a three-frame panorama. The water looks as if it were a very long exposure, but that morning it really was that glassy smooth:

Sunrise Panorama

This one is from this morning just before I began working on Faded Glory:

Purple haze sunrise

Here is one from a few days ago. The colours were very strange that morning:

Sunrise on my imaginary planet

I call this one the Ray Charles Sunrise (it’s okay to groan now):

Ray Charles sunrise

And, that’s all that I can manage for today. Tomorrow is dive day (Saturday) and I have guests coming from Port Moresby for our first Bed and Breakfast experiment. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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