Australian Sailors at Play- HMAS Kanimbla

Posted in At Sea on August 29th, 2009 by MadDog
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When we motored out on a pleasantly smooth Tab Anchorage  on Saturday morning for our usual weekly dive, we didn’t expect to see a huge Australian warship basking peacefully in the tropical sun. As we approached HMAS Kanimbla  cautiously (they have guns), we were waiting to see if they would hail us away or simply start plugging Faded Glory  full of holes. As it turned out, they were not very frightened of us, unlike the USS Peleliu  which motored around miles out at sea rather than approach our sometimes testy shores:

HMAS Kanimbla

She looked very pretty, not to mention ready to fight.

And then, the toys came out. Here’s a nice shot of water skiing with the Kanimbla  in the background:

Water skiers from HMAS Kanimbla

Kayakers were all over the place:

Kayakers from HMAS Kanimbla

This landing craft came up to the shore of Pig Island  and unloaded a huge gang of fun-seekers:

Kanimbla landing craft

They dispersed quickly back into the bush and out into the water. I hope those who went bush had plenty of insect repellent. They have the most ferocious mosquitoes on Pig Island  that I have ever seen:

Kanimbla landing craft unloading fun-seekers

Ah, young Australian warriors. Aren’t they the handsomest (and most beautiful) of all:

Crew members at Pig Island from HMAS Kanimbla

Not to mention the goofiest:

An HMAS Kanimbla taking a tumble

I took about fifty shot of kids (they all look like kids to me) diving off of the back of the landing craft:

He caught the ball!The fellow in the shot above caught the ball very nicely and made a respectable landing in the water.

Although they were not very communicative, we want to thank the crew for entertaining us ratty looking locals.

You can find a list of all Australian warships here.