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I know that I show probably more sunrises than any other web site on the planet. No, wait, I’m sure there must be a “Just Sunrises” web site somewhere.

Uh, strike that. I just Googled “just sunrises” and didn’t find any sites with that title. I did find a nice Flickr set by Sparky Leigh which has some great ones taken from his house at East Point  of the island of Hawaii.

Anyway, since some suspicion has been cast in my direction for the oddly huge quantity of gorgeous sunrises emanating from this site, I’ll now prove that not every day starts with one. Have a look at this morning’s sunrise:

Not ALL of our sunrises are spectacular

Not exactly Heaven’s Gate, eh?

This post is titled Sky – Water. Get ready to get wet. I love Christmas Tree Worms. Even the name is cute – cuter than Spirobranchus giganteus,  which is what they really are:

Christmas Tree Worms (Spirobranchus giganteus)

They are  fun to photograph, because it’s a challenge to get up close so that your lens is only two or three centimetres or so away. That’s where you get the good shots. Unfortunately, if they suspect that something fishy is going on, they disappear into their holes quicker than Jumpin’ Jack Flash. The little hole down on the lower left is where one vanished just before I clicked the shutter.

Okay, back to a sunrise. Not getting dizzy, are you? This is a strange one. I almost deleted it, then I gave it ten minutes. I’m glad that I was merciful. It’s not going on a calendar any time soon, but it does have some interesting features:

Another mediocre sunrise

The faint rays captivate me. I think that there is an optical illusion going on here. My eyes keep trying to follow the rays up into the blue area. The seem to extend, but when you look at the area by itself, there are no rays there. Strange . . . You may have to click to enlarge to see the effect, if any.

Okay, hold your nose, we’re going under. Here is some coral, Porites solida,  to be exact, with some strange marks on it. Can you guess what caused them?

Coral - Porites Solida, showing bite marks

Since this coral is about as hard as cement (just try banging your head into it, if you don’t believe me), it’s hard to believe that these are bite marks. The first time you see a big parrot fish come up to a bit of coral like this (about the size of  your fist) and take a bite out of it, it sort of takes your breath away. That’s not a particularly good thing when you are underwater. The bite marks are about two centimetres long.

Let’s come up for air again. This sunrise shot is not of the usual ilk:

Flying Fox at sunrise

This is another one that I nearly tossed. I was just about to abandon a mediocre sunrise when a Flying Fox flew overhead. You learn to look out for them, because they like to drop little presents on you. Flying Fox poop is strange stuff. I looks almost like some kind of jam. Some of it doesn’t even smell too bad. It varies in colour, texture and aroma depending on what kind of fruit that the lovely critter has been dining.

I do publicly admit that what comes out of the tail end of the Flying Fox is the only faecal matter that I’ve ever had the slightest temptation to taste.  I know that that must sound terribly weird, but it is, after all, just fermented fruit. Right? I mean, if one never tries new things, one never learns. Right? It’s just curiosity. Eh?

I remember standing on the overhead veranda downtown at our office with John Pryor. We were watching the Flying Foxes clustering heavily, screeching like banshees just over our heads. John said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if . . .”  That’s as far as he got. A big mashed-banana coloured blob plopped down on his white shirt. We nearly fell off of the veranda laughing.

I know you’re wondering. The answer is no, I’ve never tasted it.

Not yet.

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