Terrible Tuesday

Posted in Mixed Nuts on September 22nd, 2009 by MadDog
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The situation in the IT department has not appreciably improved. Another layer of wires and discarded packaging has been added to the floor and my sensitivity to clutter has become numbed to the point where I can walk across it barefoot (my normal office footwear) without noticing.

I did have one minor success yesterday. I needed to test a lot of gizmos to see what works and what doesn’t. Treading back and forth across the shop to access a testing case with minimal guts to make it run seemed excessive. I decided to make an “accessible” computer test rig next to my regular computer so that I can reach it from my chair.

The question was how to do it without creating a fire hazard. My solution:  bolt a computer to the wall:

My "bolted to the wall" computer

I unpacked a new motherboard, CPU and memory. The motherboard has inbuilt video, so that simplified matters. I screwed the motherboard to the wall and hooked up the power supply. I fetched a new SATA hard disk drive and a SATA DVD reader/writer which I stuck to the desk with double sided tape. I made a little frame for the hard disk drive and screwed it to the desk. After plugging everything in it came up to the BIOS level on the first try. I plugged in a netork cable, loaded Widows 7 on it and everything came up like a new garden in the spring.

I like it so well (it’s faster than my regular computer) that I think I’ll give the old one away.

Well, that is about the maximum amount of space that I’m willing to devote to computers today, since I’m up to here  with them.

So, how about a nice juicy bug on a pretty yellow flower?  This little guy was chomping away as if he hadn’t eaten for weeks. I you look carefully, you’ll see another smaller insect sticking his head out from behind one of the petals (at the bottom) to see when his turn is due:

Bug on a yellow flower

The shot above is a nice example of a serendipitous conjunction between lens physics and art. The backgound is, of course, very blurred, since the subject is so close and the lens cannot focus on both near and far objects simultaneously (a depth of field thing). However, in this case, the background has become a circus of psychedelic colours and patterns – a very pleasant side effect.

On the way to the office a couple of days ago, as I was motoring along Coronation Drive, the sunrise lured me out of the car for this shot:

Sunrise with one Flying Fox

If you exaimine the far upper left corner you will see one lonely Flying Fox.

Since I’m switched on full-auto in random mode, I’ll lock and load one diver:

Pascal Michon in the background

That’s my buddy Pascal Michon, our resident Frenchman, drifting obliviously toward the anchor rope of Faded Glory  while I snap his photograph. It’s a nice example of how you can use flash for dramatic effect. My preference is usally for available light. In this case, however, the shot would not have been nearly so interesting.

I’ve got time for a couple of images that I got recently up at Bludblood. This one shows a land crab hole and the balls of sand that they pile up next to the opening:

Land crab hole at Blueblood

The balls of sand are sometimes amazingly round and stacked much more neatly than you see here. I don’t get it. It seems like a terrific waste of energy to me. Why should a crab squander energy making these neat balls of mud and stacking them all in the same place?

This last shot is nothing special, but I do like the colours. I was sitting close to the barbie at Blueblood a couple of weeks ago and started aimlessly catching images of the fire. This one came out pretty nice.

Fire in the barbie at Blueblood

And with that, I’ll leave you. I’m getting out of this mess at the office for the evening. I’m going to drink an SP Export Lager, smoke an Antonio y Cleopatra dark wrap cigar (the cheapest that I can find), read a little and pet my dog Sheba.

And forget about computers for a while.

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