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I’m about to run dry of images from last Saturday’s dive at Magic Passage. I have just a few more. I have to admit that I often take the easy route of showing pretty fish pictures instead of actually writing,  which is the whole point of this journal, at least for me. However, coming up every day with something interesting to write about is a heavy load. It would be so  easy to turn the journal into a soapbox for my increasingly unstable thought processes and poorly thought out plans for saving the world. Believe me. You don’t want  to know.

So, let me do it to you again, one more time.

I’ll start with something that is so pretty and so absurdly flamboyant, that it gives me a little hiccough of a chuckle every time I see one – the Christmas Tree Worm (Spirobranchus giganteus):

Christmas Tree Worm (Spirobranchus giganteus)

You’ve seen them many times here. This one is so pink and frilly that it makes me think of teenage girl heading off the the Junior Prom. I should mention that the last time I saw a girl heading off to the Junior Prom was in about 1960. I have no idea what they wear now.

This is just a little throw-away shot of a reef community on the top of the barrier reef at Magic Passage. My theory is that I should toss these shots in occasionally so that you can get an idea of the general habitat appearance:

Reef Community

These have no common name. They are a kind of Sea Squirt (Atriolum robustum):

Sea Squirt (Atriolum robustum)

They always make me think of little alien houses.

You’ve seen it before and you’ll see it again until you can’t eat fish any more – the wonderfully peaceful Silver Sweetlips sub-adult (Diagramma pictum):

Silver Sweetlips (Diagramma pictum)

Compare this shot with the one from a couple of days ago. You’ll see it’s a much better exposure. I have many better ones than this. I think that this one shows the silvery tone of the skin better than some of my shots.

These little mates are Bluestreak Gobies (Valenciennea strigata):

Bluestreak Goby (Valenciennea strigata)

I spent maybe ten minutes shooting thes two. They are forever darting about and keeping a wary eye on you. They don’t want to hide, because that would put a serious crimp in their play time. But, if you get too close, they will dart in to a hole quicker that you can see. It’s just a puff of sand.

I got this nice shot when the pair swam in front of an overturned Trochus  shell. The play of light and colour in this shot pleases me greatly:

Bluestreak Goby (Valenciennea strigata)

Though I seem to be here today, I’m really not. I’ve scheduled this post to go out automatically. I’ve gone out to the bush to start a little fire-fight with Sanguma.  I’m taking my sword and armor with me. If you don’t know what that means, then stay tuned. If you do, then wish me luck or, if you’ve a mind to, say a little prayer.

Risky business, man. I’d rather swim with the sharks.

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