A Sequential Sunrise and Guest Shots by Heidi Majano

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We haven’t had any guest shots for a few days, so I’m going back to some images left with me by Heidi Majano when she left PNG. But first, since we haven’t had any sequential sunrises for a while, let’s do that.

Out on the boat this morning, I managed to catch the first light:

Sequential Sunrise 1

Keep in mind that the amount of light in this sequence was changing radically. In order to show the same scene that a human would see I had to adjust the exposure a great deal. Our eyes automatically, within limits, adjust scenes so that the appear to be the same brightness. With a camera that has to be done by the circuitry and then in the processing, by the software and user. The three of these should appear equally bright, but the colours will change dramatically:Sequential Sunrise 2

As you can see, the brightness travels up the sky as more of the lower atmosphere is lit by the rising sun. The colours also change. Note that the lights of the town are very bright in comparison with the sky in the first frame and grow successively dimmer as we move toward sunrise.

The interesting thing about these images (each a five exposure series stitched together in Photoshop) is that they were captured during a period of only ten minutes. Sunrises and sunsets (same with the moon) are extremely rapid near the Equator.

Sequential Sunrise 3

The final shot shows the rays of the sun at a low enough angle to light clouds that were not visible before, because they were very thin. They are, however, very reflective.

Now, let me show you Mila is Smiling by Heidi Majano:

Mila is Smiling by Heidi Majano

What can anybody say about that? Photographically, it’s a beautiful job. But the little girl is adorable. She steals the show!

Heidi has a good eye for an image. Check out The Eyes of Heidi Majano. Here’s another one that cracks me up. Keyen is a typical little boy. He hasn’t been exposed to enough to understand danger. What normal adult would pick this thing up and let it crawl up the arm? Not me:

Keyen Brought Home a New Friend by Heidi MajanoAside from being a good shot there is something interesting about this critter. Its head is not where it appears to be at first glance. Are birds fooled by the fake antenna and jaws? I was at first. Maybe I’m a bird-brain. (Many are certain of this.) No, the head is on the left end.

Thanks, Heidi for leaving these with me. I may find a few more from your collection that will end up here.

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5 Responses to “A Sequential Sunrise and Guest Shots by Heidi Majano”

  1. Steve Goodheart Says:

    Wow, great post Jan! What a gorgeous sunrise sequence…from my nature observations (small though they may be at such an early hour), and from my beginner’s photography, I have some idea of what a tour de force this sequence is. Going smack-dab on my desktop, as usual. 🙂

    The photos by Heidi Majano are terrific. The little girl in incredibly sweet, and the shot really captures her innocence and sweetness and joy of being. I *love* the caterpillar photo…I could have totally used that for my Extreme Science features at HMCO publishing…..man, that’s one big bug! I would love to see the moth, or butterfly, that turns into…it must be huge! (Unless that’s some big grub of a beetle of something?)

    Great observation, Jan, about the pseudo-head….it’s a total fake-out and I had to look closely to see through the ruse. How many gazillions of generations did it take for this adaptation to appear?….some great, great ancestor of this little one had a tail that was just a *little bit* off-putting to predators, and grandma/pa caterpillar then passed that plus for survival along to its heirs….each time a caterpillar from the next generation had a rump that looked a little more formidable, that generation did better, until we see this amazing beastie with a complete pseudo-rear! Amazing!

    I’ll definitely check out The Eyes of Heidi Majano. If these two shots are any indication, it will be a great visit!

  2. MadDog Says:

    Those sequences are fun, but you have to be quick. Sometimes thirty seconds make a big difference.

    I’d like to figure out which moth that caterpillar changes into. It has to be a whopper.

    There are quite a few fish that use a similar ruse. I’ll have to do a gallery of them sometime.

    I was giving Heidi Photoshop lessons for a while before she left – my best student ever. Aside from the fact that she has a good set of eyes, she remembers just about anything after seeing it once. I’ve never seen anybody pick up Photoshop so quickly. We all miss her very much.

  3. Steve Goodheart Says:

    Yeah, if you can find out, I’d love to know what that caterpillar turns into…wonder if it become an Atlas moth? Sure seems big enough.

    Your friend Heidi was a lucky gal to be taught by you, and it sounds like she graced your life as well. 🙂

  4. MadDog Says:

    I checked out the Atlas Moth. That’s not it.

    We all miss Heidi. That’s the down-side of life here – always losing friends.

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