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A lot of web journalists (okay, bloggers – I hate that word) put their images on Flickr and then use special software (WordPress ‘plugins’) to bring the images into their posts. This is fine if your work flow is Flickr-centric. I work the other way around. My WordPress daily journal is the centre of my social web experience. I link my daily posts to my Facebook account to kill two birds with one stone. Those who wouldn’t normally visit my journal daily, but are Facebook friends, see what I’m up to (and the other way around) and can have a look at the journal entry if they like.

I’d like to do the same with Flickr. I wanted a plugin that would send my journal images to my Flickr account (Flickr name: Boogies With Fish) so that friends who know me from Flickr can see my images and possibly visit my journal to see what I had to say about them.

I got a comment this morning in response to my plea for a plugin from my fellow PNG web journalist Robert at TrupelaTok with a suggestion. So, I’m trying it out with this messy desk image:

My messy office

Let’s see if it works.

UPDATE: Hey, it does work. Check this out!

Thanks, Robert.

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A Little Nature Walk in My Garden

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I like to start off every day with a sunrise. Considering my proclivity for this, I must be the luckiest guy in the world. During most of the year, at least one day out of two will provide fodder for my famished camera. Some days are better than others, but every day is different.  This is part of my thinking time for the day. I usually get fifteen to thirty minutes to contemplate the newness of the day and what it might bring:

Weird orange glow sunrise

Then I have a little walk around my garden to see who’s awake and what they’re doing.

In the same bush in which I found a beautiful green lizard the other day, I spotted this tiny bug hiding under a leaf. The sun was shining through the leaf and making the little fellow glow. I tried to get the shot without flash, but there simply wasn’t enough light:

Some kind of little bug in my bush

The little guy is only about a centimetre long.

Over at the Bird of Paradise plants I found a similar sized spider. It kept trying to move around on the other side of the curled-up leaf to hide, but finally tired of that and submitted to my photographic zeal:

Itsy-bitsy Spider

The shot really appeals to me compositionally. Its simplicity is powerful. Getting one or two shots a day such as this one, which really pleases me, lifts me right off the ground. Photography is a powerful emotional stimulant for me. I must be neurotic. No, wait. Of course  I’m neurotic!

This spider is vainly attempting to hide from me. He nearly pulled it off, except that I saw it moving down from the flower on which it was waiting for a meal. You’ll see more of this little spider tomorrow:

Camoflaged spider trying to hide from me

I’ve featured this lovely green spider before here.

I never know which orchids in the garden are going to bloom next. The blooms last for an incredibly long time compared to most flowers, sometimes for a couple of weeks. I know absolutely nothing about orchids and I’m happy to allow them to be a mystery to me. I overanalyze the underwater world and pretend to be an expert. I think that it’s nice to appreciate some things without knowing everything about them. It leaves room for awe and wonder:

Orchids in my garden

The sun was coming in from the back of these blossoms. I turned my flash on to give a little fill light in the dark areas to punch up the colour. I’m quite happy with the shot.

The best thing about walking around in my garden with my camera is that, if I wake up the next morning, I know that something like this will be waiting for me.

"Blows My Mind" sunrise

Lucky? Blessed?

You choose.

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