Spider Day!

Posted in Mixed Nuts on November 14th, 2009 by MadDog
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This morning started out with a mind-blowing sunrise. The sun is actually rising up over on the right side of the shot, just to the left of Faded Glory.  However, there was a huge cumulonimbus cloud thumping with lightning flashes over in the northwest. This shot covers nearly 180°. The glow in the cloud is not from the lightning in the thunderstorm, but from the reddish light from the rising sun. This is one of the more unusual sunrises that I’ve seen. It certainly started my day nicely:A mind-blowing sunrise - Nice job, God!
It’s worth a click on the shot above to see it full sized. I even caught a few birds flying around over the harbour.

I had a little walkabout in my garden. Yesterday, I showed you this little green spider hiding from me. Here it is waiting on a flower for a tasty insectoid aviator to land nearby:Little green spider threatening me

It has noticed me fooling around near his territory and attempts a bluff to scare me off.

It didn’t work. I didn’t go away. So, he did one of those, “Hey you! You lookin’ at me? You want trouble? I got yer trouble buddy!”:

Now he's getting very pugnacious
It still didn’t work. I took its picture anyway. The spider was humiliated and retreated to a greener place to sulk in camouflaged silence.

Now this is a spider to be reckoned with. I did no teasing here. I stood back respectfully, flicked my flash on and coaxed in a little telephoto:Big juicy spiderThat is a shot of his underside. Notice the “fake-out stripe”.

Here’s a better shot of the spider sitting in the middle of his metre-wide web. I know little about spiders, but I’m pretty sure that the white webby stuff is what I think of as a “fake-out stripe” I think that it’s supposed to fool insects into thinking that there’s no spider there at all – it’s just a funny looking stick or something – no danger here:Spider with a 'fake out stripe' in its web

Well, that’s enough Araneae  for today. I don’t want to creep anybody out.

I’m tossing in a variation of a sunrise that I did a day or two ago. I like the colours better on this one:A variation on a previous sunriseYou can’t improve  on nature’s beauty, but you can interpret  it.

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