Nothing But Skies

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Yesterday, American Thanksgiving day, I worked from six in the morning until about six in the evening on images for a calendar, The Skies of Paradise,  that I’m going to have printed in Singapore. Eunie has been pestering me (okay, okay, encouraging me)  to get this done for months. I’m already too late to print a 2010 calendar, so this one will be for 2011. I’m going to run off a few copies of a 2010 version on our big Konica colour network printer to give to friends for Christmas. That will be my test market.

On the way into the office this morning, another  day that I was supposed to have off work, I stopped at Coconut Point to show you that not every day in Paradise is begun with a garish sunrise:

A grey morning at Coconut Point

And now, since I’ve got to get to work putting a calendar together, I’m going to leave you with the 38 images that I slaved over all day yesterday. They are only 400 pixels wide and have been squashed pretty severely by compression, so they don’t look so great in the gallery. But you can get the idea, anyway.

Here is the cover of the 2010 give-away version:

The Skies of Paradise for 2010

And here is the gallery:

Got to get to work now.

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5 Responses to “Nothing But Skies”

  1. Brenda Says:

    The cover is AWESOME Jan! The “give away” test market will give you MORE encouragement to get that 2011 calendar printed and I have no doubt it will sell all around the world!! What an awesome idea!! Print an extra copy for when you come back to Hamilton. I’d love a copy for our calendar archives =) Great work Jan!! The last picture is a must in the calendar… Calendars now… coffee table book next!!

  2. Underwater Miscellanea - Yet Again | Madang - Ples Bilong Mi Says:

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  3. Steve Goodheart Says:

    Give away?? Holy Cow, MadDog, that calendar is GORGEOUS! I’ d totally buy one right now, and I bet I have friends that would too, if they saw it.

    I’d love to see this calendar sitting in a Borders or Barnes and Nobles. It could totally compete with the best of the nature calendars. Seriously.

    Booster Steve

  4. MadDog Says:

    Hi Brenda. I hadn’t thought about ‘world wide’ sales. My ambitions are a little more modest. I was hoping to see 1,000. I’m going to send off to Singapore to get a quotation for printing. If I do get them printed, I’ll certainly send you one.

  5. MadDog Says:

    Thanks, Steven. I’m shooting for local publication, maybe 1,000 copies because I don’t have a publisher. So, I have to front up the money and pray that I sell them all. Finding a publisher is a real problem. You’re in the publishing game; you know what I mean.