Infinite Skies – Sparkling Water

Posted in Mixed Nuts on January 6th, 2010 by MadDog
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We’re both tired and cranky after a miserable night, courtesy of PNG Power. I feel silly saying that I live in the tropics and I can’t get a decent night’s sleep without air conditioning. It’s not all about the the temperature, though being cool and dry at the same time promotes a nice snooze. I can deal with the heat by wetting a beach towel and using it as a sheet. It’s the mozzies that kill me. They are genetically designed or directed by Satan (I’m not sure which, but I’m inclinded towards the latter explanation.) to bite me on my toes. One mozzie bite on a toe equals at least one hour of lost sleep, no matter how many Ibuprofen and Valium I chew.

I’d love to go into the tragicomic interchange between Casa MadDog  and the power station last night, but you wouldn’t believe it. They were sending between 50 and 150 volts to our house, the normal being 220 or 230 or 280 or whatever they feel like giving you. Needless to say, we lose a lot of equipment every year. Excuses last night ranged from “we’re afraid that someone will throw rocks at us” to “we can’t find anything wrong” and a variety of lame mumblings between those extremes. I tried patiently (less so as the night proceeded) explaining that all they had to do is start at my house and work their way toward the station measuring the voltage as they went and they would find the problem. Somehow that doesn’t make sense to them.

So, to celebrate our sleep deprived night, I’m going to show you some very pretty skies, a commodity that we have in abundance. I got this one on the way into the office this morning at about 06:30, about an hour earlier than usual:

Regular readers will recognise the location as Coconut Point. Don’t look for it on the map. I named it. Photographers will probably note that I cheated shamelessly to make the magnificent Finisterre Mountains  more impressive by stretching the image vertically. You may note that the coconut trees look as if they are training to be supermodels.

Up Coronation Drive a little way I got another sweet one. There is a little swimming hole there where kids play daily:Images such as this remind me why I want to die here and have my ashes spread on these blessed waters. The sea here is my Jordan. However, I’m perfectly prepared to wait another fifty years for that. I’ve been dealt good hands all my life. Maybe it will stay that way for a while longer.

Out in Tab Anchorage the other day, I couldn’t resist trying to capture the riot of atmospherics demonstrated by this mob of clouds:

There is some very interesting stuff going on here.

Here is a close up of what I’m calling The Coronation Cloud.  Since I was a kid, I’ve amused myself by seeing objects in the clouds. There is something wonderfully ephemeral about this. It’s as if something special has been cooked up for me and my job is to consume it con mucho gusto.

Can you see the Royal Crown? I think that it’s caused by the rays of light filtering through the relatively sharp-edged alto-cumulus clouds above striking the rather fuzzy cloud below. Forget the explanation; it’s superfluous to the ecstasy of the once-in-your-life moment. It’s to be savoured like the last bottle of the best wine you ever tasted.

I’ll finish up today with a puzzle image. It’s really a no-brainer:Have a look at this. It’s prettier if you click to enlarge. If you’d like to leave a comment saying what you think it is, please do.

We’re having an interesting year hear so far. I hope to soon have an announcement that will amaze many and switch some into their planning mode. Get ready for a surprise!

Stay tuned.