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Yesterday I was so sick that I couldn’t come to the office – first time since I can remember. I’m usually very healthy. However, when I do catch a cold, it almost invariably attracts an opportunistic bacterial infection and I get very sick in only two or three days. I started Cipro yesterday morning and today I’m back to work.

I’m now so far behind (it’s the 19th here now – the last post is dated the 16th), that I don’t know if I’ll catch up. I thank TELIKOM for that. If I can find a cheap shyster in Madang today, I’m going to file a million Kina lawsuit against the clowns just for the sake of harassment.

Here’s this morning’s sunrise, the first nice one for several weeks:Since I had nothing better to do than to harass TELIKOM yesterday, I insisted that a data technician come to my house and do a data transmission test from there to the exchange. The results were exactly what I’ve been telling them for the last five years. The decades-old cables are totally incapable of transmitting data. This morning, when I got up, I didn’t even have a dial tome.

Here’s a typical shot of a TELIKOM junction box:What have we here? Hmm. . . Among other items that don’t belong there are water, buai spet (the horrible bloody-looking stuff that is spat from the mouth when chewing betel nut), various bits and pieces of garbage, and someone’s shoe. I have seen worse. They seem to make a convenient place to, ah, . . .  how can I put this . . . take a dump. I wonder if this is a matter of bodily necessity or a comment about TELIKOM. I’ve been tempted.

Need more TELIKOM goodness? How about this shot that I took only this morning outside my own office:Well, that certainly doesn’t look quite so messy. However, close inspection shows some serious no-no items. First is the continual flooding. I’ve often seen this box full to the brim with water. Check out the silly attempts to plug the thing up with scraps of tape. The black bulb contains all of the junctions between the wires. It is supposed to be water-tight. Does it look water-tight to you?

I’ve had it with TELIKOM.

From now on, it’s WAR! Starting TODAY.

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