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Yesterday I was so sick that I couldn’t come to the office – first time since I can remember. I’m usually very healthy. However, when I do catch a cold, it almost invariably attracts an opportunistic bacterial infection and I get very sick in only two or three days. I started Cipro yesterday morning and today I’m back to work.

I’m now so far behind (it’s the 19th here now – the last post is dated the 16th), that I don’t know if I’ll catch up. I thank TELIKOM for that. If I can find a cheap shyster in Madang today, I’m going to file a million Kina lawsuit against the clowns just for the sake of harassment.

Here’s this morning’s sunrise, the first nice one for several weeks:Since I had nothing better to do than to harass TELIKOM yesterday, I insisted that a data technician come to my house and do a data transmission test from there to the exchange. The results were exactly what I’ve been telling them for the last five years. The decades-old cables are totally incapable of transmitting data. This morning, when I got up, I didn’t even have a dial tome.

Here’s a typical shot of a TELIKOM junction box:What have we here? Hmm. . . Among other items that don’t belong there are water, buai spet (the horrible bloody-looking stuff that is spat from the mouth when chewing betel nut), various bits and pieces of garbage, and someone’s shoe. I have seen worse. They seem to make a convenient place to, ah, . . .  how can I put this . . . take a dump. I wonder if this is a matter of bodily necessity or a comment about TELIKOM. I’ve been tempted.

Need more TELIKOM goodness? How about this shot that I took only this morning outside my own office:Well, that certainly doesn’t look quite so messy. However, close inspection shows some serious no-no items. First is the continual flooding. I’ve often seen this box full to the brim with water. Check out the silly attempts to plug the thing up with scraps of tape. The black bulb contains all of the junctions between the wires. It is supposed to be water-tight. Does it look water-tight to you?

I’ve had it with TELIKOM.

From now on, it’s WAR! Starting TODAY.

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7 Responses to “TELIKOM – FAIL!”

  1. DeKunai Says:

    Fighting a losing battle there I imagine.

  2. MadDog Says:

    My tenacity has been underestimated by some in the past. To their misfortune.

  3. robert@trupela Says:


    Your obvious fixation on getting that post to press every day – especially when pushed to “catch-up” – could easily spoil the pleasure and lighness that blogging brings. Ease up old mate!


    ps. Apologies for not making it to Mdang before leaving Goroka. Currently travelling at 4Mbs in Mum’s sunroom on sunny Umina Beach just Nth of Sydney.

  4. MadDog Says:

    Robert, you are absolutely right. There are days when writing is such a downer that I can hardly bring myself to get started, let alone catch up when I get behind. It’s just something that I’ve made a pact with myslef to do. I decided that I needed some serious discipline in my life and I picked something which I do reasonably well and doesn’t take all day.

    My journal has opened doors, directly and indirectly, that are changing my life. Through it, I got back into serious writing. I now write regularly for three magazines. I’ve recently been offered a job as editor for two of them. I plan to take the job. None of this would have happened if I had not started the journal and disciplined myself to keep it up and keep it regular (a lot like sex, in that way, if you’ll excuse the crudity). Your suggestion to ease up is taken as good-intentioned advice from one friend to another. However, I think I’ll just keep grinding it out daily and hope readers will allow me the occasional moan.

    I’m sorry to have missed you. I was looking forward to sharing that “wee dram” (or six).

    Best wishes to you, mate.

  5. robert@trupela Says:


    Point form:

    – Appreciate you taking my comment on the chin. All in good fun.
    – Nothing crude about sex my dear friend!
    – Where I am in Oz at present I have access to a super fast ADSL2+ wireless internet access. I’ve become that caught up with having cheap and fast access – that I have totally ignored Trupela Tok
    – As well as being a proficient photographer (one of the best!) – your writing skills are also exceptional. I find your style entertaining, honest and flows well.
    – Been away from PNG now for two weeks. Busy trying to get my arse back over there but so far nothing has gone “pop”. I will continue to prod the irons on the fire so to speak.
    – One day mate… just one day – we will gather and “wee-dram” until the “wee” hours. Or if we start early… then I suppose we can finish early.

    Take care.


  6. MadDog Says:

    Hey Robert,

    I can imagine that it’s rough getting settled back into what passes for the first world. Although, I have to admit that a fast internet connection wouldn’t be a bitter pill. My “fixed” connection lasted two hours.

    You had some very nice stuff on your web site. I hope you get interested in it again and begin to produce. It’s hard finding a theme. I’m lucky that I can always fall back on the fish. However, I am really interested in broadening my appeal. I’d like to do more bush walk stuff and get into some of the Eco-NGO matters.

    By the way, my motto is “Start early and finish late.”

    As for matters of sex being crude – only if it’s done crudely!

    Stay cool,

  7. robert@trupela Says:

    Rait man!!