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Posted in Mixed Nuts on February 19th, 2010 by MadDog
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A little fresh air seemed to be in order today, as I’ve been locked down at my office desk or in bed all week. Yes, quite! A little stroll around to to see what I can see. So, what did I see?

Hmmm . . . starting on a sour note, I first saw a fake remedy peddler, or, as I prefer to call them, murderers:Take careful note of all the things that he can cure. If you are afflicted by any of these, he will arrange to send you a a fix.

I stopped by Ho Kit’s, a Chinese variety store, and found something that I haven’t noticed for years. No, they are not red rocks. They are salt plums:I have no idea how they are made. When you put one in your mouth the first instinct is to spit it back out as rapidly as possible. If you hang in there for a few seconds you are rewarded by an amazing, powerful salt, sweet, vinegar, plummy taste that lingers until the thing eventually melts down to the pit, which I recommend that you do spit out.

Ambling over to the market, I found some rather rare red bananas, which I really like:Inside, the flesh is orange and they taste more like banana custard than an ordinary banana.

Still under the heading of tasty sweets, I found some very nice ripe rambutan:You peal the prickly outside off to find the jelly-like very sweet stuff inside.

While I was at the market, I got this panorama shot to give you a little taste of it:This one is pretty cool if you click to enlarge. There are a couple of messes where people moved between shots, but it’s still interesting.

These little Coke stands are all over town. Apparently Pepsi lost that war:

I’ve just been listening to ZZ Top’s Sharp Dressed Man. Of course, in my usual mode of shameless self-promotion, this image came immediately to my mind. It’s from a “Fashion Shoot” that Eunie and I did in Hamiltion, Ontairo.

She has a nice eye for the moment. I love the way she caught the cigar smoke drifting across my shoulder:

Well, enough about me.

Now let’s talk about me.

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