Living Without a Sense of Smell and Shells Up-Close

Posted in Mixed Nuts on March 20th, 2010 by MadDog
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Occasionally, I have something to say, hoping someone else might be interested in it, but I have no images that fit with my proclamation. Sometimes it’s the other way around. I have some images that might amuse you, but, for the life of me, I can’t think of anything remotely interesting to say about them. Just describing them is boring. Besides, if the images don’t more or less speak for themselves, then they are probably not very interesting.

Today is one of those occasions. I’ve completely lost my sense of smell and I’d like to comment about that and I shot some close-up images of a few of our shells and found the images interesting. The two have nothing to do with one another. We’ll call it an exercise in multi-tasking.

Here’s your first task:That’s a close-up of an Eye-Spot Cowrie.

As any fool knows, we have five senses: hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching. Which is the least important? Well, for big-brained mammals who have developed a sophisticated technology, most would probably agree that the sense of smell is the one we could most easily do without. I certainly agree. The loss of any of the other four are greater levels of catastrophe, though some people have no taste and seem to get by without it. (smirk)That was another Eye-Spot Cowrie. I see Smiley Faces there.

Due to this intractable sinus infection, a double whammy of a Streptococcus  and some weird Bacillus.  Dr. Mackerel (A. K. A. Tinpis ) has put me on twice a day 400mg of Norfloxacin. I looked it up and the scary bit is this: The licensed uses for norfloxacin are quite limited as norfloxacin is to be considered a drug of last resort when all other antibiotics have failed.  In other words, if this doesn’t knock it down, I’ve got a real problem.

The loss of the ability to smell is called anosmia. Like no-nose-ia, ha-ha, very funny. Most people suffer it for a few days during a bad cold. When it goes on for weeks, it’s not much fun.That was an abalone shell.

I’m losing weight, because I have little interest in eating. Food is just salty or sweet or sour, or some jumbled-up combination. Bananas taste incredibly sweet, but have no banana essence. I can sense a little burning sensation in my nose from the alcohol in a beer, but all of the nuances of a nice brew are absent. As for my daily, non-inhaled cigar, forget it. Without the sense of smell a cigar is just a bad trip.If you look closely at the image above, you can make out the reflection of the front of my camera and fragments of the word “Canon”.

According to most of what I have read, my sense of smell will gradually come back, to some degree, when the infection is killed off and things start to heal. I’m looking forward to being able to smell a rotten egg, if you get my drift.The one above reminds me of a certain kind of oriental style painting featuring mountains. I don’t know what it’s called.

My biggest complaint might sound silly to some. I miss smelling women. Maybe I should explain that. My wife, Eunice, is one very smart cookie. She learned a long time ago that people in general react more positively to someone, especially women, who smell nice. She goes for subtle – just a touch of fragrance.In her boudoir,  she has about a dozen top-drawer perfumes. We’ve worked over the years to pare the list down to a manageable number. I have my favourites and she has hers. I got into her stash the other day and lifted the caps of several of them. Nothing! What a shock. I felt very sad.I asked myself what it would be like if I could never get that back.

I know, it seems like whining over spilt milk. Some people can’t see or hear, for pity’s sake! That makes my problem seem silly.Nevertheless, it is annoying. If I can’t whine here, where can I whine?

I’m going to take my drugs like a good little boy and limit myself to one tasteless beer a day. I’ve been off cigars for almost a month now, because smoking one is just a waste of a decent cigar.And, I’m going to hope that this high-calibre antibiotic of last choice knocks the infection down.

Here is a little change of pace to finish up:That is the “shell”, actually more like a skeleton, of a sea urchin. It is much more fragile than an egg shell.

While I’m taking my drugs and being careful I’m going to be longing for the day when I can smell my wife again and go off to that dreamy place for a few seconds.

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