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Despite a weekend that began with me cremating the voltage regulator on the Suzuki 140 engine on Faded Glory  by reversing the battery cables, Saturday turned out to be a very nice day spent with some of my very nice friends, some old and some new. These are my peeps.* The day ended with a ripping good party at our house where Eunie had her dining-room table built for twelve precisely full.

I’ll not take full blame for blowing my motor up. If it weren’t for the abundance of petty criminals here I wouldn’t have to lug my battery out to the boat and install it every time I use it. I know from experience that, if I leave it in the boat, it is not if  it will be stolen, but when.

Anyway, we were all in a cheery mood, since it was the first genuinely sunny Saturday that we’ve had for some weeks. Jo’s big smiles lit up the scene nicely:As I’ve mentioned before, I’m working on portraits of a sort lately. Strangely enough, I’m finding that getting a portrait to look just the way I like is proving more difficult than other subjects on which I’ve been concentrating.

Snapshots such as this one of Rich and Jenn don’t usually take too much time because the subjects’ faces take up only a small portion of the frame and much of the detail is lost. It’s more a matter of composition and getting the colours right:They are so cute, eh? Like a couple of kittens in the pet shop window. You just want to take them home and cuddle them. Ah, youth, where hast thou gone?

Up close is when portraiture gets ticklish. Here’s Ush, who could become my favourite subject if I can corner her often enough. Her face is a lot more fun to explore than the moon and she is utterly unselfconscious. As you can see, she also also has a flair for the exotic in headgear – and carries it off nicely:Skin tones are proving to be my most difficult task. I’ve discovered that it’s easy to photograph fish and bugs and all sorts of things that we can identify because we’ve seen them before, but aren’t really intimately connected with precise visual details. Humans, however, are another kettle of fish, if you will. We look at people close-up every day. We know what people look like in great detail. The slightest flaw in the hue or textures of skin will spoil the image beyond redemption.

It’s hard work.

This is much easier:I did a solo dive because I dry up like a raisin if I don’t spend at least an hour a week underwater. This is the beautiful anemone garden at Pig Island.  If you click to enlarge, you’ll see several anemonefish playing in the meadow.

So, since my friends got into this post, I’ll show you this shot that Ush grabbed of me:You know, there comes a time in your life when you just have to admit, “I’m never going to look any better than this.” and get over it. No, I haven’t had a stroke. My face is just going all lopsided. I honestly thought that I was smiling. I must seem very enigmatic to others.

There is only one thing that I can think of to follow that:

In case you’re wondering. That is a big pile of poo.

* In the singular form, “peep” was African-American slang for “check it out” as in “peep this.” This early usage is probably related to the common definition of peep as “a quick look.” Oscar winner Jamie Foxx even had an R&B album titled Peep This  in 1994.

The plural “peeps” as slang for “people” or “close friends” seems to have come into use around the same time. Rapper Nas may have popularized the term in the song Life’s a Bitch  off his 1994 album Illmatic  The song contains the oft-quoted line: “I’m destined to live the dream for all my peeps who never made it.” Other songs on the album also refer to “my peeps” with the meaning of “my friends.”

The definition above was ripped shamelessly from AskYahoo. Heaven knows I’m no fan of Rap. The last Rap that I actually dug was MC Hammer’s Hammer Time.    Dum da da dum. Da  bump  da  bump.

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2 Responses to “My Peeps”

  1. Steve Goodheart Says:

    Peeps is good! Enjoyed this, and your mug of wisdom!

    I’d never thought about it, but think you remark about how hard it is to photograph was right on…we do know people so well.

    Fun post – thanks!

  2. MadDog Says:

    Thanks, Steve, for once again confusing what I write with anything remotely resembling wisdom. If an old, well worn pair of shoes is wise in your eyes, then I can dig it.

    I’m finding protraiture very difficult, time consuming, and strangely unsettling. I keep wanting to go back and “fix” images. It reminds me of short stories that I wrote forty years ago and still find myself editing them evey year or so. Someday I’ll have one of them perfect.

    That will probably scare me.