The Perils of Karaoke

Posted in Humor on April 19th, 2010 by MadDog
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There are times when I’m a little tired of the smell of fish. I never have anything important to say, so nobody accumulates any critical information by stopping here for a couple of minutes. And, some days I feel distinctly more silly than others.

This is one of those days. I shocked you yesterday with a “Thousand Year-Old Man” shot of me murdering Billy Joel’s wonderful New York State of Mind.  I also managed to butcher Georgia on My Mind, Yesterday  and a couple of others before nobody would hand me the microphone.

The fortuitous party, just in the nick of time, was to celebrate the happy birth of Brioni, the lovely young lady on the right. The soulful beauty on the left is Marleen. I don’t remember what they were singing, but they seem to have markedly different attitudes toward the lyrics:The theme of the dress-up party was The Letter B.  This type of party is very popular in Madang, as the used clothing stores are packed with exotic wear that can be had for a few cents.

Here Marleen and Erin belt out another number:The older I get the more I enjoy seeing young people have a good time. It’s not that I’m immune to the pleasures of partying nor unable to participate to the max. I demonstrated my “Old School” dance style a couple of times, to the amusement of all.

As for the Karaoke, my intention was firmly set on being a pure spectator. It’s easy for me sit back and let the party come to me. It seems that being a crazy old dude generates some kind of weird magnetism. It’s quite gratifying. I sometimes feel as if I’m a highly treasured museum specimen. I remember seeing statues which had diverse bits that were especially shiny. Apparently, good fortune follows those who rub those bits, a dog’s nose, a sword hilt, the hoof of a steed. If I wish to stay relatively immobile, people will come around once in a while for a witticism or a wink:Above you see Jo comforting The Old Hippy. The young folk of Madang are particularly kind. I think it is because one must be adventuresome and open to life to even get here.

Here’s Jo and Christian delivering an exuberant performance:Christian is obviously very serious about his music.

Well, I’ve had my fun for today. I’ve sent up a few of my friends and remembered yet another of thousands of wonderful times here in Paradise. How blessed I am to live such a rich, rewarding and genuinely enjoyable life. I even found time this morning to engage in one of my favourite pastimes: Pretending To Be an Artist:That one is The Hippy Commemorative Daisy.  I don’t think that there are any true Hippies left in the world. What I see of so-called Hippy communities these days is a pale, distorted shadow and insulting to the Hippy manifesto. The word is defined in Princeton’s WordnetWeb as:  someone who rejects the established culture; advocates extreme liberalism in politics and lifestyle.  How many of those  do you  know?

Peace, man.