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I had intended today to write a post called “Green’s the Thing”, but then Trevor Hattersley came into the office with an image on a flash drive which upset me very much. Last Sunday, work seemed more critical than fun. I turned down an invitation to come up to the beach at Blueblood for the second week in a row. As if that’s not bad enough, I missed seeing something that I’ve wanted to see all of my life – a waterspout!

Here’s Trevor’s nice shot of the waterspout:You can clearly see that it appears to be a hollow tube. He said that the base was visibly sucking water up from the sea. He tried to get a telephoto shot, but a temporary brain malfunction prevented him from remembering what I’ve told him a thousand times about focusing his camera. Thanks, Trevor for the shot. I sneer at you for not telling me that a waterspout was on the entertainment schedule.

So, to the green. Green just happens to be my favourite colour. Green stuff is easy to find on the reef, especially if you pay attention to corals. Here is a close-up shot of a Brain Coral (Platygyra lamellina):The tracks of skeletal material are not always squiggly; sometimes they are straight:The area which you see in the image above is about 10cm wide.

Acropora  corals can also be green. This one is about the size of a large coffee table:In this shot, you can see hints of the spiral shapes that dominates the large scale growth pattern of many corals.

We’ll take a brief break from coral to adore this cute little Linckia multifora  starfish:Three of its arms have been bitten off, but are growing back nicely.

Prepare to use your imagination. Look at the right side of this Acropora  coral:Does it look a little like Australia to you?

Well, it’s almost 07:00 and I have to quit now. When I got back from diving on Saturday the motor on Faded Glory  would not go up, only down. Down doesn’t help. Up is what I needed. So, this morning, I have to take the boat over to the marina to get it fixed. I’m often reminded that a boat is simply a hole in the water into which you pour money.

I’ll leave you with a nice shot of our lovely orange lilies:Now I have to haul the fuel tank and the battery out to Faded Glory.

If I leave them on the boat they will be stolen within a week. Security guards seem to believe that their primary duty is to get a good night’s sleep. Useless! Why do we bother?

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4 Responses to “Waterspout!”

  1. Tris Says:

    Nice! Kudos to Trevor for the waterspout shot (do I detect a touch of your editing skillz in the final product however?)- I am also very jealous as I’ve never gotten to see one. Very cool.

  2. Weast Says:

    While i always enjoy the marine life, I got to say the water spout is amazing. A hollow tube of water.

  3. MadDog Says:

    You are right, Tris. I mangled the image to enhance it, but did not fiddle. Mostly all I did was change the gamma and fiddle with brightness and contrast. It wasn’t a bad shot to begin with. I am mortified that I chose to stay at home and work that day.

  4. MadDog Says:

    Yeah, Weast, and I am so disgusted that I didn’t see it. I left out a lot of Trevor’s description of it. He said that there were big waves at the bottom where it touched the water. He estimated that it was very tall. I can’t help wondering what would happen if you were caught in one in a small boat. Not fun, I think.