ANZAC Day 2010 – The Service

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As promised, here is the first installment of the ANZAC Day memorial service and celebrations in Madang. We were blessed with a very nice sunrise. This, however, is not from ANZAC Day, it’s from yesterday morning. I’m still running a day behind, so I may have the sunrises mixed up. I’m working at home today trying to get caught up. Anyway, no matter what day it was, it was beautiful:

They are coming more regularly now that the season is beginning to change from wet to dry.

When I arrived at the Coastwatchers Monument, I immediately went up to the restaurant at the Coastwatchers Hotel to get an image of the structure. It’s too bad about the coconut trees in the way:

Back at the monument, military personnel were preparing the flags of Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand to be raised:
This was just as the sky was beginning to lighten.

There were many dignitaries in attendance. This is Sir Arnold Amet:

Group Captain Tony Behn delivered a moving address:
As did Lt. Colonel Simon Watts:
Here Sir Peter Barter retreats after placing a wreath at the base of the monument:
And the monument stood tall and proud in the colours of the rising sun:
As you may notice, I’m not spouting the usual prose. It was a solemn occasion and my comments seem superfluous. I was so busy taking pictures that I didn’t really absorb the intensity of the event until later, when I began to think of my own father who fought here during WWII.

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6 Responses to “ANZAC Day 2010 – The Service”

  1. Tom Teale-Sinclair Says:

    Thanks, Jan.

    Lest we forget….

  2. MadDog Says:

    Good to see you here Tom. It was a very intense and moving service. If things had gone just a little more wrong, Austrailans would have Japanese as their official language today. Only the brave few of many nationalities prevented it.

  3. ANZAC Day 2010 - The Celebration | Madang - Ples Bilong Mi Says:

    […] covered the memorial service which commemorated the courage of those who protected us and finally prevailed. To me it seems […]

  4. Steve Bennett Says:

    Great photos of Sir Arnold and also of the lighthouse itself… nice one!

  5. Matthew Kalala Says:

    Man those photos were just cool, great masterpieces,you have a brilliant talent with the camera, I believe some of those can end up in a magazine for war memorials, what do you reckon

  6. MadDog Says:

    Thanks for the complements, Matthew. I reckon that I’ll wait and see if there are any offers. I’m too busy editing two magazines to submit any article to others. Thanks for reading.