Birth of a Salesman

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Well, I once again find myself a day behind posting my nonsense to you, so brevity will be the soul of my witlessness today. The big hoo-hah last night was a Road Show put on by Remington Communications to introduce their new beaut VSAT technology to the North Coast of Papua New Guinea. That pretty much means Madang. What is even more anusing (stop yawning – I CAN HEAR YOU) is that they have appointed me be the Sales Representative for the whole shebang. Me. A salesman again. I came to PNG so that I would never have to sell anything again, with the possible exception of my soul.

So, it seems that I am to be the Willie Loman of Madang. Here are two of my many bosses in one shot. That’s Eunie, my wife, who is the Managing Director of J & E Enterprises Limited, not to mention being my boss at my other  job at Pioneer Bible Translators, as she is the Director there. Next to her is Adam Dwyer, the General Manager of Remington Communications who is my newest boss. My other  other boss, David Doig of Pacific Islands Publishing was not present, thank heavens. In the background you can see Pita Evans who is probably also my boss too, but being an übergeek, he doesn’t seem  bossy, just very informative:

What with all that fuss last night, I’m a little tired this afternoon.

And, what do I do when I need to relax (all together now) – I create fake art:

Using my super-power skill of ProseMaster I titled the one above Watercolour Sunrise.  Try to contain your laughter, please. You’ll wake up the cat.

This “piece” is called Rough Pastel Sunrise:

(yawn) I’m slipping away fast here, folks.

As if me being a salesman again isn’t fishy enough I’ll give you a gift from the sea that could be taken for a clutch of goose eggs, which strikes me as entirely appropriate at the moment:Yes, that is a Bubble Coral, as you have undoubtedly surmised. You can call it Plerogyra sinosa,  if you are so inclined.

And that’s it from here. Over to you.

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2 Responses to “Birth of a Salesman”

  1. Ron Barrons Says:

    The Bubble Coral, ok then, what your secret for photographing white? The detail is quite amazing in your image. One reference indicated a raw image manipulated in Photo Shop?

  2. MadDog Says:

    Ron, I always keep my camera set on spot-metering and I “expose for white”. In other words, I move the camera until the brightest area for which I want to be able to get details from (not blown out) is in the very centre of the frame where the meter reading is being taken. Then I use the esposure lock button to lock that shutter speed and f-stop in (never using any auto-ISO function either). Then I reframe and shoot. This allows me to recover light areas that would otherwise be blown out. The down side is that the rest of the frame might be underexposed. However, that is much easier to fix by bringing up the darker tones and leaving the lighter ones alone. I shoot always in the RAW mode and use Adobe Bridge to open my files. If you have the Camera RAW filter installed (5.6 is the latest) it will open the Camera Raw dialog before Photoshop opens. This allows a plethora of adjustments before you even get into Photoshop. Underwater photography seems impossible to me without it. That is also how I get my sunrises.