Crazy Day!

Posted in Humor on June 21st, 2010 by MadDog
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I am possibly the world’s worst traveller. Being one of the Top Ten Terran Worriers doesn’t help matters much either. Add to that my natural wussfulness and predisposition to melancholy and depression, it’s a wonder that I ever leave the house. This is Monday evening. I’m just getting around to writing today’s post after a day of chasing my tail. Tail chasing is exhausting work. Have you ever watched a dog after a furious tail-chasing session? Well, that’s what I look like now, sprawled out on my belly with my head on my paws panting and drooling.

Tomorrow I planned to stay home all day and worry. That thought brought me comfort. I felt more at ease. Now I have already thought of several things which will take me to town where I will note yet other things which I have forgotten to do. I have to get dog bones. I have to get money. I have go buy credits for the electric meter so that Juli doesn’t run out of electricity while I’m gone. By tomorrow there will be twenty other things which I will suddenly remember.

Wednesday will be even worse. My plane leaves, Air Niugini and God willing, at 11:15. By then, if you lined me up with five extremely agitated mental patients, you would choose them as the calm ones.

Strangely, once I am on the plane and I have chewed my 5mg Valium tablet which I keep in my pocket for just that moment, everything is calm. I have lost all control. There is nothing which I can do to change the outcome. My free will has become so much philosophical clap-trap. Que será, será.

So, what to write about today. At about 14:00 I threw in the towel. I decided to call up a search on my web server for all of the *.jpg images and pick the first six which caught my eye. I would then write something, anything, about them. So, here comes the “anything”:tugboat_fractal_img_0927That was one of my “Art Projects” from A Week Into 2009.

I’m certain that, by now, you have discerned my fiendish plot. All I have to do is show you images from old posts and sucker you into following the links. I don’t really have to write anything at all!

Strangely enough, at 23:30 I can’t find which post this shot came from. It is, however, one of my favourites. If I remember correctly, Trevor missed the shot:trevor_shooting_web_PA270146

It doesn’t matter.

This is the sweetest horse who I ever knew. Yes, I know that it should be “which” and not “who”, but you don’t know Honey.

The nice thing about it is that we are the same age, taking “horse years” into account.

This one is from Harlem Redux, which some of you may remember. Sorry to be repetitious, I’m in panic mode, remember?harlem_malcom_x_blvd_P6100235

It’s not a fantastic image, but I did enjoy writing the post.

If you like MC Hammer, you’ll like You Can’t Make This, from which this image came:hanwas_img_1561

Fading fast now. I just gave about three hours of Photoshop lessons.

Here’s another one which I can’t find, but I’m so zonked I don’t care. It’s funny anyway.


I think that my comment was, “Is nothing sacred?”