Microsoft’s Flight Simulator in Madang

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I get the strangest things in my inbox. Among the current Internet jokes and “funny pictures” I find the occasional gem. I don’t want to discourage anyone, so keep it coming, but I can tell you that something like this will find a place in Madang – Ples Bilong Mi. The latest bit of esoterica comes from reader Ray Putney of London. That’s the London in the UK, in case you were wondering.

Here was Ray’s message to me:

Hi Jan, Good to read you got to Fiji ok. The only flying I seem to do now is the virtual variety with Microsoft’s FSX Flight Simulator. I’m looking forward to a trip to Brisbane Australia later this year to visit my son and grandkids. Attached are some shots of Madang, the one over the airport is pretty close to your shot.

Well, I was amazed at, first, Ray’s patience in getting these screen shots and second, the amazing fidelity, if a little chunky, of Microsoft’s imaging of Madang Airport. Here is a typical island scene:

This looks very much like Siar Island to me:

The perspective looks as if you are looking out toward Kranket, Leper and Pig Islands.

This is turning on the crosswind course toward the turn to the final approach course:

Pretty realistic, eh?

Compare it to this shot which I got from Sir Peter Barter’s helicopter:

The resemblance is amazing.

Here is a quick look out of the window before a tight, tight turn onto a short, short final approach:

If I were the pilot in a fix-wing aircraft, I’d be thinking about a go-around. Some passengers might object at the maneuver I would have to make at this point to put it on the numbers.

Here is an amazing cockpit view of the Madang Airport Terminal:

Again, the fidelity is stunning.

Ray finished the show with a beautiful simulation of twilight on the runway:

Ray, thanks for sending this along to us. It is a nice break from the usual drone of fish and complaints.

I encourage other readers to send me whatever you think might interest the MPBM audience. If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that the interest is eclectic and leans toward the eccentric.

Let’s keep it that way. I bore easily. You can take that either way you like.

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14 Responses to “Microsoft’s Flight Simulator in Madang”

  1. Steve Bennett Says:

    That’s amazing, and really funny! Love the Terminal shot!

  2. MadDog Says:

    I have a slightly older version of MSFS X. It doesn’t have nearly as much detail of madang. Now I’m jealous. I used to be a Huey pilot. MSFS is about the only “game” which I play. However, I need to get a joystick. Mouse control doesn’t feel right.

  3. Sharon Peaker Says:

    How cool is that? Oh Nostalgia!

  4. Tony Peaker Says:

    All it needs is the dawn and dusk flocks of Flying Foxes streaming out over the harbour and it would be perfect 😀

  5. MadDog Says:

    Sharon, it is pretty cool, eh? It’s been some time since I played with MSFS. I had no idea that there was so much detail there. You’ve seen that scene many times, I know.

  6. MadDog Says:

    Yeah, Tony. If they want realsm, they need the blek bokis to get the Air Niugini afternoon flights cancelled.

  7. Ray Selby Says:

    What I like about Microsoft Flight Simulator X is that you can add to it with both payware and freeware. Airports, aircraft, scenery etc. The PNG scenery was an add on. Never seen any blek bokis but there are flocks of what look like white seagull’s. Unfortunately Karkar, where I lived and worked for a time 50 years ago (cant quite get my head round that. 50 years?!) is not covered.
    Jan, I really cant see where you would find the time to use the Microsoft Flight Simulator. Scuba diving, Buzzing around in choppers, ect,ect. Your doing it for real! I’m jealous.

    Ray Selby

  8. MadDog Says:

    You are right, Ray. I am doing it “for real”. The problem is that I am doing rather too much of it. Working two jobs and trying to cram in all of the other activities I have going, I am much more “busy” than I’d like to be. How to slow down and still not miss anything??

    What did you do on Kar Kar?

  9. Ray Selby Says:

    Jan, I was employed by Kulili Plantations, owned by the Middleton family, running a copra/cocoa plantation. I will never forget my introduction to Kar Kar. John Middleton met me in Madang and he decided to hire a small plane for the trip, halfway into the flight John asked the pilot to fly over the Kar Kar crater.
    What a site! especially to a 19 year old.

  10. MadDog Says:

    Ray, I bet you have some great stories. Eunie and I know John and Anna well and see them whenever they are in town. They are delightful people. I’d bet little has changed since you were there. Today, when you enter the plantation, it is in many ways like walking back in time.

    I’m a bit jealous. I have lived here nearly thirty years and have never had the opportunity to fly over Kar Kar crater.

    If, perchance, you have any pictures of that time, we should plan to do a post on your experiences.

  11. Sharon Peaker Says:

    Flying right down inside the Kar Kar crater is even more awesome. Bob used to love doing that.

  12. Sharon Peaker Says:

    Jan, if I can find any pics of Kar Kar for you I will post them. Think I have slides somewhere.

  13. Jo Says:

    Hi there,

    Have just stumbled on this page 🙂 I grew up in Madang and left in 1985. The pics of Madang airport are great to see. I stayed on Kar Kar at Kulili and a friend flew me into the crater of the volcano…very exciting. Am hoping to visit Madang again and show my son where I spent my childhood and re-visit Coastwatchers where my husband and I met. Lots of memories!!! Especially the game fishing club and the many nights spent there.

  14. MadDog Says:

    Jo, I always feel great when a former Madang resident shows up here. I’m happy to be able to refresh memories with my pictures and stories. Look me up when you are in Madang. Just ask about MadDog.