Back in Cairns Again

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We find ourselves in Cairns this afternoon after a very hectic two days of planning for a hurry-up trip to Australia to find out what is wrong with Eunie. She seemed to be responding well to treatment for a duodenal ulcer (best guess with no proper examination equipment in PNG), but late last week she developed significant jaundice. If you have never seen someone suffering from jaundice, you are lucky. Yellow skin and bright yellow eyes are not a healthy look.

The only thing that I can say good about the trip down here was that neither of the planes we were flying on crashed. As soon as we arrived in Australia, we found that none of our credit cards worked. If you’ve every been stuck someplace far from home with no money, you know the feeling.

Then a series of Catch 22 situations began which will probably seem funny someday, but have not improved my mood for the moment. We found that the money we had brought with us was actually Canadian, not Australian so we couldn’t pay the cabbie. Hey, the currencies both look very similar. Fortunately, we had some American Dollars, but the cabbie couldn’t find a currency exchange. We could not get into our time-share room generously provided to us by friends in Madang, because they still required a credit card swipe. We could not fix the credit card situation unless we could get on line with Eunie’s laptop because the accounts are locked to that computer. We could not get an internet connection because we had no working credit card. We couldn’t get our PNG phone to work with the Australian SIM card we bought, so we had to buy another phone. That pretty well used up our remaining cash. Then when we tried to activate the phone, we ended up talking to a guy on the Asian continent who insisted on an Australian address to go with my USA passport number. We finally lied to him and gave him the address of the Woolworth’s store where we bought the phone.

As far as the Vodaphone company is concerned, we how live at the Wollies store on Abbott Street in Cairns.

Believe me, I could go on and on. There is much, much more, but I’ll write about it when I’m feeling funnier.

We are currently at the lovely house of Tony and Lorraine Collins using their internet connection. It’s good to have friends when things start falling to pieces.

I hope to be back tomorrow with the usual nonsense.

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8 Responses to “Back in Cairns Again”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    Oh dear…I’ve been in similar, horrible situations – powerless and running around in circles

    My best wishes to Eunie – strangely I feel like I know her after reading your posts these past year
    take care

  2. Rich Says:

    It never rains….we are both thinking about you in Cairns. Feeling a long way away in Canada and wish we could help. Sending our love – get well Euni! Rich and Jenn

  3. Walt Says:

    Here’s hoping that things come together for you both, and soon!
    Best wishes,

  4. MadDog Says:

    Walt, things are looking up. We have a firm diagnosis now and a treatment course that is not scary. Eunie is feeling very relieved.

  5. MadDog Says:

    Rich and Jenn, sorry to be slow responding. Without functioning credit cards it has taken me almost three days to get on line. Knowing you are thinking about us helps plenty, my friends. I’m writing as of Friday morning. We have a diagnosis that is not scary and a treatment plan which is likewise no biggie.

  6. MadDog Says:

    Carolyn, you are so right. Nothing frustrates me more. It is touching to hear that you know my wife through what I write. After 46 years it is amazing how much two people become one. It’s a good thing. Things are looking up today (Friday). We have a diagnosis and treatment course, neither of which are scary. Thanks for commenting.

  7. Steve Bennett Says:

    I know that Woolworths store, there’s plenty of space there???

  8. MadDog Says:

    Actually, Steve, I found a broom closet and made a little sign to hang over the door that reads, “The Messersmiths”. Thanks for the giggle.