Bubbles and a Beautiful Lady

Posted in Under the Sea on September 30th, 2010 by MadDog
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Regular readers of this journal will already know that I’m in a pretty bad space and have been for a few months. Nevertheless, I have to hang onto a few “normal” things to help stabilise my life and restore some semblance of order. Writing here is one of those normal activities. Today, I will show you a couple of images of one of the more amusing varieties of coral from my dive last Saturday at The Eel Garden near Pig Island.  I’m also going to add a couple of images of Eunie just because I like looking at them and I feel better when I do.

This is Bubble Coral  (Plerogyra sinosa), which has appeared here many times before. If you put “bubble” in the search box, you will find many images. Why one would waste valuable time doing so, I can’t imagine, but there are all kinds of people. The derivation of the common name is obvious. It is a kind of coral, and the puffy bits of the polyps look like, well, bubbles. It is also known as Pearl Coral, which works for me. It grows only in the Indo-Pacific area.

Bubble Coral can project long, stinging tentacles which allow it to defend its turf. Other corals are stung by these if they grow too close, so they automatically keep their distance. Good fences make good neighbours.

In this shot you can see some juvenile anthea in the water behind the Bubble Coral. You can also see, if you click to enlarge, how much particular matter was in the water on Saturday. When the water is full of specks, you have to get up very close to the subject or the images are useless.

The shot also suffers from two kinds of motion blur because I was using a shutter speed of abou1 1/8 of a second. I allowed the camera to move very slightly during the exposure, blurring everything a little and the fish, as they are wont to do, were moving.

Rob Small (A. K. A. The Butterfly Man) took this shot a year or two ago up at Blueblood.

Having been away from our blood families for nearly three decades, we have found a wonderful surrogate family among our friends in Madang. Putting a baby on Eunie’s lap was always a sure way to make her smile.

This shot was taken by Geneviève Tremblay at the last party we threw at our house before leaving for Australia. Not to put too fine a point on it, it was Eunie’s last party.

The expression on Eunie’s face is priceless. “Ooooo, strawberries!” Eunie loved parties.

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