Sunrise – Starfish – Insects

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I’m going a little crazy getting ready for my trip. Regine, a long-time friend from Austria, is back visiting again in Madang. She brought three friends with her. I’ve been entertaining them for the last few days. Along with my feeble attempts to think of everything I need to do to get ready to travel, I feel rather more busy than I care for.

It’s been months since I have been in the mood to get out before light and catch sunrises. A few days ago, I could no longer resist. The sky across the harbour seemed to be on fire:

The colour, coming through a narrow slot between the horizon and low-hanging clouds, covered nearly a quarter of the sky. Here you can see nearly the entire eastern quadrant ablaze:

That was worth getting up for.

I got a couple of interesting starfish shots on my last dive. This is a nice image of a Cushion Star (Culcita novaeguineae) :

These are quite common in the waters around Madang. They are about the size of a football.

Here is another very common sight. This is the leg (arm?? which is it?) of a starfish. It was probably bitten off by a fish. You can clearly see that a whole new starfish is growing from the severed end of the limb. Given time, it will look like any other starfish:

I found this moth wearing a fancy coat out on my veranda one morning:

And this is a rather large grasshopper which I spotted only a metre away:

This got me thinking about large grasshoppers. I feel strangely calmed when I let my mind wander. Google is a fantasy land. I wish I could get a job Googling all day. Ask me anything. I’m the answer man. So, you want the world’s largest grasshopper. I deliver:

Of course, I make no claims of accuracy for the information which I supply.

Still not had enough of grasshoppers? What about this one (the grasshopper is the one on the right):

If you recognise that one you are probably a mature adult who watched a great deal of  TV in your youth.

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10 Responses to “Sunrise – Starfish – Insects”

  1. kristy Says:

    Aaah, little grasshopper, it is good to see that you are snatching photos of the sunrise! Gorgeous!!
    Good luck on your trip!

  2. Ahna Says:

    I think this sunset is the best you have had in a long time. I loved it. Emily our youngest spotted a beautiful sunset off our back deck and was so excited to tell me to get my camera and take a picture because she saw it first. LOL

    Now I knew star fish can grow another limb but a limb to grow another star fish! I have a new crinkle in my brain. This really amazed me.

    The grasshopper picture you took was neat, but the one you found is about scary. Can you imagine running across that thing and ticking it off when you missed shooting at it. I would be a new definition of speed runner. LOL That gives me the hebee jebees.

    Nice post. I love to Google.

  3. MadDog Says:

    Kristy, I don’t think I’ve ever been called “little grasshopper” before. Considering how nimble I am, maybe it fits. I’m old, but I’m not dead yet.

  4. MadDog Says:

    Ahna, it reminds me of the time I shot a one hundred pound jack-rabbit in Montana. I had to shoot it. It was about to attack me.

  5. Colin Huggins Says:

    I do have at times a vivid imagination, but I draw the line at that “Grasshopper” photo.
    A plague of those sized things (???) would eat Australia bare in zilch time and probably eat all humans as well.
    Really – incredible but unbelievable.
    And you, in Montana, with a “jack rabbit” – oh dear, my good mate I think it is time to move out of what was “paradise” and is no longer so, as I believe in a previous post a relation mentioned.
    Anyhow you are the boss of yourself without the help of giant grasshoppers and jack rabbits in Montana.
    Enjoy the visit of your friends, mate.
    I have Austrian heritage and loved Vienna and Salzburg when I visited in the 1970’s – shit that is a bloody long time ago!!!

  6. MadDog Says:

    Well, Colin, I was a bit sceptical about that grasshopper also. It seems that it’s legs are far too short for its body. I think that part of the photo is fake.

    At least the rabbits in Australia are not as big as the ones in Montana. We used to make sausages out of jack rabbit meat.

    Vienna would be on my top list of places to live. Too bad it is so cold in the winter time.

  7. pvaldes Says:

    uh oh… the antenna of this big grasshopper is piercing the leg of this poor guy.. ha ha

  8. MadDog Says:

    That’s what it looks like, pvaldes. Ouch!

  9. Stu McLeod Says:

    ….Master …is this David Carradine in a younger body who starred in the epic Kung Fu ? –

  10. MadDog Says:

    You are so right, Stu.