Sand – Teewah Beach

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It’s been quite a while since I have done a simple photographic essay, one in which the images tell the story. I like that sort of thing, because I enjoy working with the images more than the words. Images obey my will. Works fight me.

Today, I’ll show you images which I took yesterday during my first stroll up Teewah Beach, which stretches for about a zillion kilometres up the Eastern Australian coast from Noosa. From the little village of Teewah this sandy access roads leads down to the beach:You’re not going to go much faster than twenty KPH once you reach the top of the rise.

Ealier in the day I came up in the back seat of a 4WD vehicle at eighty KPH on the hard-packed beach:It was an interesting ride, to say the least. It seemed to go on forever, but it is only a few kilometres.

The vehicles on the beach leave an interesting comment on occupation of Earth by the human species:In case you are wondering about the little round blobs of sand:For lack of a better term, I’ll call them crab pellets. As the crabs clean out their holes after a high tide, they roll up the sand in little balls and shove them around in amusing patterns.

I also leave my marks in the sand:

Above the beach lies a tangle of native Australian flora:I’m told that huge monitors live here. I haven’t seen any yet. I don’t know if my leg is being pulled. I’m so gullible.

Where sand and sea meet, colours clash:

Surprisingly little life is seen; a few sea birds, random crabs and washed up Bluebottle Jellyfish, a very dangerous critter:Here is a washed-up green bottle:

Someone had a party out at sea. There was no message inside.

I observe the crabs at work:

I saw many curious marks in the sand above the tide line where some spindly grass grows:

It took a few moments of observation to realise that they are caused by the tips of the grass blades continuously flipping grains of sand from their paths as the wind blows them about.

The sands in different areas of the beach are remarkably variable:

I hope to make a longer voyage up the beach soon to the area called Coloured Sands – sounds interesting.

Walking the beach gives one plenty of time to think between grabbing images. It’s simultaneously noisy with the sound of the pounding surf and sometimes disturbingly quiet. Time for reflection.

But not too much reflection.

Yes, I enjoy letting the images do most of the talking.

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19 Responses to “Sand – Teewah Beach”

  1. Susie Duffy Says:

    stunning photos Jan :P)

  2. Ahna Says:

    Nice blog. I like it. You are visiting Tim’s vacation spot. He wants to go to Autralia so bad.

  3. kristy Says:

    Lovely! Enjoyed the crab balls!

  4. Peter Lyne Says:

    Top of the morning Jan, did you see the coloured sands of Teewah ?

  5. MadDog Says:

    Thanks, Susie.

  6. MadDog Says:

    Ahna, it’s a pretty big spot! I’ve been here several times. I’d love to live in Australia.

  7. MadDog Says:

    Kristy, they are the inedible kind. Too gritty. I wonder what makes the sand stick together? Crab spit?

  8. MadDog Says:

    Cheers, Peter. I have not seen the coloured sands yet. Maybe today. I have to see what the five women I’m staying with are going to get up to.

  9. Walt Says:

    Very nice photo essay, MadDog! I feel more relaxed after looking at all those pictures of sand … just the thing I needed after a day at work. The only thing missing is the feel of it on my toes, but it looks like you’ve got that part taken care of.

  10. kristy Says:

    BTW, we will be in your neck of the Pacific this summer. Not PNG, but Fiji and Tonga. Fiji, easy 10 and a bit hour flight from LAX and Tonga just another hour and half beyond!

  11. MadDog Says:

    Walt, I’ll be doing a lot of these image-heavy posts over the next few months. I need to get back to the original goals of MPBM. I want to amuse myself and, hopefully, my readers.

    I had plenty of sand between my toes today. I climbed a huge sand dune. It was not unlike climbing a mountain of pasta.

    It is very cheery to hear that you were refreshed by my post after a bit of hard yakka.

  12. MadDog Says:

    Sounds like an amusing voyage, Kristy. I’ve been to Fiji a couple of times, but not to Tonga. Taking your camera, I hope. If you’re in Nadi, be sure to see the Buddhist Temple.

  13. Ali Says:

    Nice post Jan, I almost feel like I was there.

  14. John Salmon Says:

    I’ve been loving the pictures of the flowers in previous posts and the sands/scenes in this one…beautiful!

  15. kristy Says:

    Camera(s) will definitely be in tow! Underwater casing as well. Diving for 3 days in Fiji, then spending a week near Vava’u in Tonga. Also going at a time when the humpback whales will be around and we will hopefully be able to swim with them!!
    We are only passing through Nadi, arrive early AM and then head out to Beqa Lagoon Resort. On the way home just stopping over for a couple of hours.

  16. MadDog Says:

    Okay, Ali, what’s going on? Who was with me yesterday? Do you have a twin sister?

  17. MadDog Says:

    Thanks, John.

  18. MadDog Says:

    Kristy, I had one dive in Fiji, on the north coast somewhere. I remember a lot of turtles and a big octopus.

  19. Steve Bennett Says:

    the crabs put the sand in their mouths and consume nutrients from the mix, and then spit and throw the balls out of their holes. Its a way of cleaning and eating at the same time!