The Red Planet Diner – Sedona

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Nobody, not even residents of Sedona, could deny that it is an eminently quirky community. In fact, that is its primary claim to fame. We have been exploring some of the local attractions. Grace has lived here for seventeen years, so she knows the lay of the land pretty well. One place which attracted my attention from the beginning is the Red Planet Diner on Route 89A, the main drag through Oak Creek Village.

It’s not all that impressive from the outside. It defies the sensibilities of the Sedona Color Police, who insist that desert tones are the only suitable shades for architecture. Sedona is the only place in the world where the golden arches of McDonalds are teal. Aside from the flashy neon sign in front, there is not much to attract the attention of passersby.

Oh, wait. There is one other little thing.  Just off the road in front of the parking lot is a captured flying saucer. As I have heard, the proper term is Unidentified Flying Object. This, however, does not seem to fit, as this object has been clearly identified. It is an Unreasonably Funny Object:

I won’t show you images of the food. I’ve had to many complaints about ugly food here at MPBM. I will, however, say that the menu is typically diner-style. There are plenty of choices and the meal we had was very tasty. They have a decent bar. The service is cheerful and amusing. All of the staff wear t-shirts bearing the greeting, “Welcome Earthlings.”:

It probably the only establishment on the planet featuring an alien restroom attendant:

Alas, there is no jukebox. The selection boxes at the tables have long been colonized by tiny aliens:

Other small aliens float ghostlike around the ceiling while their scout ship hovers silently:

A more robust alien serves as maître d’:

The usual “Please wait to be seated” placard is replace by a more amusing version.

I couldn’t resist posing Grace at the door. Really, someone should talk to these aliens about clothing:

Grace was visibly discomfited by the proximity of a naturalist alien.

I find myself in a place where being far out on the fringes of the bell curve is perfectly acceptable. The presence of many long-haired, freaky people is very comforting. It’s not unlike a warmer Hamilton, Ontario, except for the pervasive woo-woo factor. It will be interesting to see what happens to Sedona when the New Age becomes passé, as it surely will.

Nothing lasts forever.

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9 Responses to “The Red Planet Diner – Sedona”

  1. Ali Says:

    Not all the Sedona aliens are naturalists Jan, the one in the juke box with the hot pink guitar has a nice pair of mauve socks and matching neckachief and I bet he is singing “Purple People Eater” ? What a silly and fun place….. my kind of cafe! X

  2. kristy Says:

    I agree with Ali, that cafe looks like a lot of fun!! Le Sigh, another place on the wish list of places to visit!

  3. MadDog Says:

    Ali, nearly all of the aliens were wearing weird socks or gloves. I don’t get it. It feels kinky to me.

    I haven’t thought of that song since I was in the eighth grade.

  4. MadDog Says:

    Kristy, I couldn’t find a reference to “Le Sigh” as an eatery, but I did discover that it’s origin was in the Pepé la Pew cartoons (le sigh, le gasp, le whew, le meow, le purr, etc.) I like this one in Italian with faux French expressions.

  5. Ali Says:

    Ahh the socks and glove thing might just be Alien Runway Fashion? If so, it’s totally Le Cute, but they need to address their accessories and add some matching undies! OR….maybe they are just trying to disguise the fact that they have 4 toes and no thumbs??? mmmmmm a dead give away for an alien……le laughhhhh!! (I just love La Pew!!)

  6. Colin Huggins Says:

    Certainly a bit on the “quirky” side, but what was the food like?
    You mentioned my favourite restaurant/fast food outlet – MacDonalds, does it belong to this chain?

    I jest about MacDonalds, have been once in my life and thankfully survived the “junk” food, actually that visit was one too many.

    You sure are getting around – Sedona, Arizona to NYC!
    Plane changes enroute?????

    Seems you are now having a far more relaxing time?
    Have fun in the “Big Apple” – just be thankful it is not winter, but I
    believe in summer is can be very hot – so be careful of the
    “Seven Year Itch” symptons!!!

  7. MadDog Says:

    I was wondering about the fashion angle, Ali. I see that I have you intrigued by faux French now. Le cool. Possibly aliens have no external genitalia. I’m not sure how that would work, but it doesn’t seem like much fun, eh? Still They ought to put some clothes on to avoid discomfiting their hosts. Le rude.

  8. MadDog Says:

    Colin, the menu is pretty good and the food which Grace and I had was excellent. We’re going to go back there often. It’s only a short distance from Grace’s house.

    I used to like McDonald’s. Now I can’t imagine why. I’ve tried it a few times in the last thirty years or so and every time I buy a Big Mac I end up throwing it away after a couple of bites.

    Yes I certainly have been getting around. We’re going to Dallas today. I have no plans for NYC, though. What have you been smoking?

    I am relaxing and getting my old self back – the better parts of him, anyway. Grace says that the universe is being nice to me. I guess that’s as good a way of saying it as any.

    Cheers, Huggibear

  9. kristy Says:

    Yes, le sigh was a direct quote from Pepe le Pew, I suppose I have dated myself!! So it was meant to be read…Le Sigh. ( alas) you have shown us yet another place to put on the wish list of places to go see!! Not a reference to another place to eat!
    It is funny how the little colloquialisms from cartoons can stick in the vocabulary. I was not thinking of Pepe, but if you had asked me where Le sigh came from, I could have told you immediately!
    Glad that the happy moments are starting to outnumber the sad and that the happy memories are bringing you joy!