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Among the hundreds of thousands who have visited Madang – Ples Bilong Mi since its creation in September of 2007 there are a few who have visited regularly and know the history. I won't recap that here, as it is revealed by the more than 1,000 posts, over 5,000 images and about a million words. Only the terminally bored will pursue this past.

I have a new wife, a new life, a new home, new interests, and regained happiness. I'm reborn. My new home is in The Village of Oak Creek, a few miles from Sedona, Arizona. It's about as far as one can get from the tropical paradise of Madang. I've traded one paradise for another. My new wife is an old friend of myself and my late wife, Eunice Messersmith. Grace Preval was Eunie's friend from the age of four. Despite considering carefully, we could find no reason not to marry. I have made a few very excellent choices in my life. The decision to court Grace was on the very short list.

At sixty-nine I can truthfully say that I have few regrets and unbounded gratitude for a truly splendid life. Recovery from tragedy is a mighty rough road. I sincerely hope I will not have to travel it again.

This little web site has meant much to me. It has provided an outlet for my modest talents while allowing me to amuse myself and, hopefully, a few others who appreciate my whimsical style. However, it's time to give it a rest. This will be my last post here. I invite the curious to visit High Desert Journal, my new site which will reflect the blessings of my new life and the "Splendor of Northern Arizona".

To all my past visitors I convey my gratitude for the encouragement, comments and superb Google ratings. These images are all over the web and I get new comments daily. Thanks for reading, my friends. I'll see you at the High Desert Journal.



Me at Red Rock Crossing







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4 Responses to “The Last Post”

  1. Peter John Lyne Says:

    Jan, Great to hear from you once more. In as much that we are going from one extreme to the other, white sand to red sand, palm to cacti, tropical forest to desert praire, bubbling salt water to crystal(?) fresh water, who cares. We all love to click onto your site no matter where it comes from. THE SAGA WILL GO ON FROM JAN MESSERSMITH. God willing.
    Peter JM Lyne
    ex Madangite. Taim bipor

  2. Georgi Says:

    Jan, several years ago, when I first stumbled upon your “small” website I was, to say the least, humbled. Your exotic life is a true tale of diversity in both physical and emotional aspect. It is an inspiration for those of us, who live most of their life in an office box. We (and I know that I`m not alone in this) have received a lot from your simple, entertaining and sometimes quite touching words and images. The only thing we could do is say “Thank you!”. You can count on us to read your thoughts, or at least those you choose to share with us ;-).

    And, I admit. I will dig in the archives of Madang – Ples Bilong Mi sometimes… 🙂

  3. Joe Todd Says:

    Just found this blog in time for your last post..Looks like a great blog..Will check out your new site.. Wife and visited Sedona last summer loved it.

  4. MadDog Says:

    Joe, it’s not difficult to fall in love with Sedona. A drive to the grocery story is a beautiful experience.