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Send us interesting information about Madang. We will put it here so that everybody can see it. (Remember, anyone can see it!)

We are making a place on the internet where our friends and neighbours can put items of interest and others can find them easily. Think of Madang – Ples Bilong Mi as a notice board that we all can use.

Some examples of things we want to know about:

– Parties and celebrations (including announcements of events open to the public)  Yes, YES – give us MORE PARTIES!

– Already had a party?  Tell us about it and send us some interesting pictures.

– Community events of all kinds

– Interesting happenings in your life

– Business events of community interest (openings, awards, employee achievements, etc.)

– Business product announcements that would be of general interest to the community (what special new goodies do you have to sell?)

– NGO events or projects information

– Church or Mission events or projects

– What you think is good about life in Madang

– What you think could be improved to make life in Madang better

– Anything else that you think in interesting to others living in Madang

These are just examples. There are many other things that people would find interesting. If you think it will be of general interest to Madang residents, then send it along.

We welcome items written in Tok Pisin !

You can send items to me by email or by delivering them to me at my office.  (I work at Pioneer Bible Translators)

To hide my email address from the spambots, I’ll give it to you as a picture:

email address

Since it’s a picture, you can’t copy and paste it into the address line of your email.  You’ll need to type the address in.

Send the text of your item exactly as you wish it to be quoted (you can mark the part that you want to be quoted). If you have photos, please send a maximum of three good ones. Photos will attract more attention to your item.  If you know how to make them smaller in size, please do so.  If the file sizes are too big, they might not get through.  If you like, you can just bring a camera, camera card, CD or whatever to my office and I’ll copy the photos and get them ready for the web.

Please be careful about photos with other people in them.  Ask permission of anybody else in the photo if it is okay that you put the photo on the web.  We will assume that you have done so.  If anybody asks us to remove a photo in which they appear, we will do so as quickly as possible.  However, you should ask permission before sending us the photo.

Have a look at items already posted. They will give you examples of the type and length of items that we can post.

Now the bad news:
We will not guarantee that we will post every item that is sent to us. However, we will not just ignore your item.  Every item will either be posted or we will contact the contributor to discuss it.

You can post comments on any item.   AND you can comment about other people’s comments.  You will have to give your email address to post a comment, but the email address will NOT be given to anybody or used for any purpose other than to notify you of information about your comment.  Sometimes it may take a couple of days for your comments to show up.

TO COMMENT ON AN ARTICE:  Find the link at the end of the article on which you wish to comment.  Click the link (it will say “N0 Comments >> or “2 Comments >> or something like that).  You will get a page which allows you to enter you name, email address, and your comment.  When you have filled in the form, press the Submit Comment button.  Em Tasol.  Your comment should come up the next day or sooner.

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