Major Party Alert! – 60th Anniversary of The Madang Club

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It is a splendid treat in Madang to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of a colourful, beloved, and enduring social institution – The Madang Club.

Eunice and I have been privileged to be either members or moochers (mostly moochers, I admit) since we came to Madang in 1981.

James Sinclair, in his book Madang (DWU Press, 2006) briefly marks the birth of the iconic watering hole.

In late 1947, the first moves to establish a Madang Social Club were made. This evolved into the Madang Social and Recreation Club, the Madang Recreation Club, and finally the Madang Club, which exists to the present day.

Now we all have the opportunity to participate in this joyful celebration. Here is the invitation (click to enlarge). 

This FROM: Shane McCarthy:

Madang Club 60th Anniversary Party

It sounds like a major party to me. Fancy dress prizes . . . hmmm . It seems a great photo-op.

One of the things that I have appreciated about The Madang Club over the years is that, when nearly everything else seems to be crumbling and rotting around us, The Madang Club has been constantly improving. If decay is getting you down, keep your eyes fixed on The Madang Club – you’ll feel better.

This is not a recent phenomenon. Witness Sinclair’s comment on the subject in a more recent epoch:

In 1970 tenders were called for the renovations, with a dining room, kitchen facilities and a new bar area, at a cost of $35.000. The manager at this time was Mervyn Livermore. Town and country membership now exceeded 300. The population of Madang town at this time was 15,751, expatriate and national.

I’m not in the record tending business – leave that to Guinness. However, I’d guess that if you were keeping track of Madang social life since the war, The Madang Club would probably hold records for beers downed, business done, lies told, friends comforted, sweethearts wooed, wages gambled away, fistfights erupting (notably fewer these days), depression relieved, fears calmed, tasteless jokes heartily laughed at . . .

All said, it’s a perfect fit.


CWA Latino Night

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THIS FROM:  Lorraine


CWA is hosting the first ever
“Latino night”!


Come on over and enjoy some good South American fare and salsa dancing!

DATE: Saturday, 16 August 2008
TIME: 6:30 PM for 7:00 PM start
PRICE: K40. Includes complimentary drink, main meal and dessert plus oodles of entertainment.

A night to enjoy with new moves to learn to great, great music!


The Red Cross – A Chance to Do Some Good

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This from Maureen Hill:

PNG Red Cross Society
Madang Branch

Red Cross Collie in Italy


A meeting will be held on Saturday 9th August
to plan the way forward for the Red Cross Society in Madang.

New faces with ideas will be very welcome.

Venue: Creative Self Help Centre
(Disabled Centre near Christian Academy)

Time 2 pm.

If you are unable to come, but interested, please contact Maureen Hill on 852 2271. 

The photo came from a book called War Dogs. You can read a few preview pages at Google Book Search. It loads slow if you’re on dialup, but it’s worth a look.

A Lovely Lass Addresses the Haggis

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Finally! I got a couple of photos from a friend (I think that Lorraine Collins provided them, but that’s been weeks ago and my memory . . . excuse me, what was I saying?).

A few months ago, CWA held what I thought of as “Not Burns Night.” It was just like Burns Night except it wasn’t (not his birthday).

Anyway, Laura Carse did Burns’ Address to a Haggis. Please click on the link for an interesting site telling all about haggis and the special poem that Burns wrote to honour it. (It is too long to put here in this post.)

Here’s a cute shot of Laura attacking the haggis.

Laura Carse Attacking the helpless haggis

Here’s Laura capturing the delicate (an aquired opinion) aroma.

Laura Carse sniffing the haggis

Eunice, my multi-talented wife, actually prepared the haggis from locally available ingredients. Though some were skeptical concerning its pedigree, most declared it as tasty as a mongrel haggis can be.

Sadly, Laura is no longer in Madang. If you’re reading this, sweet Laura, we all miss you and hope and pray (those of us who do so) that you will soon be back with our little family of strange people here in Paradise.

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Triple Christening at the Beach

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On Sunday, the 16th of March, we had a great family happening up at Blueblood. It seems a small mob of Cassell kids were in need of Christening.  Having the appropriate garb close at hand, Eunice and I trekked up the coast for the festivities.

Here we have (right to left) Daniel Cassell, Godfather to Charlotte Kate Cassell, James Cassell, Godfather to Nina Sue Cassell, William John Cassell, Jaculin Cassell (mother of the children), Charlotte Kate Cassell, Ben Cassell (father of the children), Nina Sue Cassell, and Mary-Jane Cassell, Godmother to Nina Sue Cassell. I’m on the far left.

Tripple Christening at Blueblood

Here’s Eunice and Di Cassell during the Christening. Di is holding her granddaughter, Natasha. Eunice is reading a poem written by Vanessa and Steve Ballard, Godparents to Nina and Charlotte.

Eunice, Di Cassell and Natasha

Here’s the some of the Cassell Clan with me after the Christening.

Cassell Clan and Pastor

I couldn’t pass up this one of Grandpa Mike (Pa) and grandson William.

Pa Mike and William Cassell

The usual mob of suspects were also present.  Here’s Ken McArthur looking so fine as he shows off his magnificent Pig Torture Device. What a clever mechanic. It all depends on an old washing machine motor.

Ken McArthur and his Pig Torture Device

Master Porcine Chef Trevor Hattersley was up at 4:00 AM with Pascal Michon to get the pig feeling nice and toasty warm.

Chef Trevor tending Porky’s firey demise

Our special guest, Porky, was so knackered by the time lunch came around that we decided to let him rest for a while with a good, cheap cigar and a beer.  CHEERS!

Porky Pig relaxing

Eunie and I want to thank Clan Cassell for the honour of participating in this wonderful family celebration of life.

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Tennis Grand Final

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This FROM:  Shane McCarthy

The two teams that featured in the Grand Final – the Dulux Dogs and the Madang Lodge Turtles – had progressed through a Top Five Finals Series and emerged as the two best teams.

In what was a very close encounter the Turtles triumphed over the Dogs two sets to one. In a strange twist, both teams number ones – The Big Guns – failed to fire, maybe the occasion was too much for them. The deciding set came down to the two and three`s bashing it out for supremacy in Madang.

So, the Madang Lodge Turtles are our Champions for 2007; the Dulux Dogs are Runner Up.

Other awards at the presentation were the Solve-It Sharks: Third Overall; the Dulux Dogs: Most Consistent in Regular Season; and Nick Mleczko`s Potugese Men of War picked up the prestigious N.A.T.A. award.

Thanks to Rose Bukoya and Shane McCarthy for Organising both tournaments this year.

A new comp will kick off in late January – call Shane McCarthy on 852 2499 or email: if you wish to enter a team or want more info.

Anybody ever see a motlier mob of spectators? Looks like Tennis Night at Sheila’s Caravan Park.

Tennis Grand Final 2007 - Business House - Spectators

Here’s the Runners-Up – the Dulux DOGS looking like fresh-as-a-daisy, ready-to-roll, in-your-face TENNIS TERRORS!

Tennis Grand Final 2007 - Business House - Runners Up - Dulux Dogs

And, not to be left out of course, the Winners – the Madang Lodge TURTLES! [my oh my, they do look weary – ed.]

Tennis Grand Final 2007 - Business House - Winners - Madang Lodge Turtles

Good job tennis freaks – keep it up!

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The Red Ribbon Guy

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This from The National, Column 1:

“We remember Richard Jones, a young VSO from the UK, who was working in Madang last year.  Richard inspired hundreds of school children attending local schools to make thousands of red ribbons for World AIDS Day.  It was a touching and effective gesture and one that should be copied by every school in the country.”

Good on ya, Rich!

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