A Big Marlin – GFAPNG 2009 Titles

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Yesterday was dramatically different from the day before at the 2009 GFAPNG Titles here in Madang. There were two large Black Marlins at the weigh-in.

We’ll start with a happy little guy who caught a tasty Yellowfin Tuna nearly as big as himself:

A happy little kid who caught a Yellowfin Tuna nearly as big as himself
He seemed a bit put off by all the attention. His smile looks a little forced. It is great fun for me to see these little kids come in with very respectable fish. When I fished as a child with my Grandfather, we called it a big fish if you had to cut it up to fit it in a skillet.

So, you’re not satisfied. You want a bigger fish. Okay, how about this 100 kilo Black Marlin:

So, you want a bigger fish. How about a 100kg Marlin?
The angler, on the right, was so overcome with joy that it was comical.

If you’re going to be difficult and hard to please, then I’m prepared. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have a fish this big on the other end of the line:

The biggest fish of the day - a 134kg Black Marlin
That is 134 kilos of Black Marlin.

That seems like a huge fish to me. The truth is that it is nowhere near the biggest Black Marlin ever caught. The world record dates back to 1953 when Alfred Glassell caught a monster weighing 708 kilos off Cabo Blanco, Peru. Here is a photo of that fish:

Alfred Glassell and his long-standing world record Black Marlin (1,560 lbs.) caught off Cabo Blanco, Peru in 1953
It is amazing to me that nobody — and there have been plenty of anglers spending probably hundreds of millions of dollars trying — has been able to beat a 56 year old record. The scary thing that one has to ask is:  have all the Black Marlin this size already been captured? Are fishermen simply whittling away on the smaller ones until there are no elders left? Since I know virtually nothing about the subject, I’ll hope we get comments from someone who knows.

I leave you with this sobering and poignant image:
The eye of a 100kg Black MarlinIf I ever saw an accusing eye . . .

UPDATE:  Weirdness attacks again! When I was doing a final read-throgh of this post and came to the end, I sat for a few moments staring at the eye of the Marlin. Since I spend about as much time under the water with my fishy friends as I do above the water with my mammal friends, this is a powerfully emotional image for me. If you love pachyderms, think of staring into the dead eye of an elephant. As I sat and stared the eye started to move!  i’ve seen optical illusions similar to this before. Please, if anybody else notices this (you have to keep staring for a couple of minutes), leave a comment.

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