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We made it to Chatham, Illinois by plane, train and automobile. It wasn’t as funny as the John Candy – Steve Martin movie, but it was not without its moments. Nevertheless, we said goodbye to Canada and hello to the U. S. of A.

I’ll be raving on about things we did in Canada for a while until the stun-gun effect of being back in America wears off. Today we’ll have some cute little critters that I shot (no bloodshed) at the Ontario Royal Botanical Gardens.

Here’s one that, despite being a rodent, practically everybody loves. Yes, it’s a sweet little chipmunk. He’s eating some peanuts (unsalted, of course) that I put on the ground:Chipmunk at the Ontario Royal Botanical Gardens

The chipmunks are extremely tame in the park. They will come up and eat right out of your hand.

Here is an interesting colour of squirrel that I’d not seen before. Below the border, in the Midwest we have mostly red squirrels, sometimes called fox squirrels. You can see an image of one in one my previous posts here. Up in Canada, around the area where we were playing, they have black, reddish black and grey squirrels. They may all be just different colour phases. I don’t know and am to lazy at the moment to look it up.

Anyway, here is the prettiest squirrel shot that I manaaged:

Red squirrel the Ontario Royal Botanical GardensI think my aunt had a fur coat that colour way back when. I wonder how many squirrels died to make it. I shouldn’t complain. In my youth I shot hundreds of squirrels (and ate them all).

Here’s probably the most interesting squirrel shot that I’ve gotten so far:

Momma Squirrel at the Ontario Royal Botanical GardensIt’s obviously a female who is raising a litter close by. I did not get this shot at the Botanical Gardens, but right in front of the hotel lobby about five metres from the front door. As with most big cities in areas where squirrels are common, they have adapted themselves well, some would say too well, to city life. Where there are humans, there is food.

I’ll wrap it up now, as I’ve been doing computer stuff all day. I hooked up a wireless system in my brother-in-law’s house so that Eunie and I can have internet access while we’re staying here. It was cheaper to buy the gear (forty bucks US) and give it to him as a gift to respect his hospitality than to get some kind of mobile wireless.

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