Know Your Limits

Posted in Humor on February 16th, 2009 by MadDog
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I’m as much a new-age sensitive guy as you’re likely to find. This is partly because I’ve been groomed for forty-five years by a fine woman. The rest of it is probably due to a slowly declining testosterone level (ah, blessed relief!).

Being new-ageish and all sensitive-like, it’s with no small trepidation that I present something to you which, I suppose, I should not find so funny, but oh, I do, I do.

I ran across this on, a sort of blogish site that has all sorts of crazy stuff on it.

And so, I present to you: Women, Know Your Limits:

Now, if you find not humour, but rather offense in that, I apologize for shoving it in your face. I would try to persuade you, however, that it is maybe about time that we begin to take in the humourous possibilities abundant around the periphery of the Gender Wars.

Even Blenny is laughing:
This Blenny thinks it's funnySo, if I’ve not yet offended anyone, let me take another shot. How about this one – Women, For Pity’s Sake, Don’t Drive:

Okay, I’m pushing my luck now.