The Terrifying World of Clubbing – Know Your Bouncer

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Back in my day, clubbing looked like this:

We were some cool and crazy cats back in my day

Yes, we were some cool and crazy cats.

It was the women that saved us from profound nerdery. I love this shot that I snapped on the fly in a dark club hallway. Eunie and her friend Grace were accompanying me for a night out on the town. There’s nothing like having a classy babe on each side of you at the table to make you feel taller than you really are:

Two classy babes - one is my wife, the other still a dear friend after all these years

They are both terrific dancers and gorgeous in the bargain.

Eunie’s reflection in the mirror adds to the groovy aura of the shot. I married one of these women. I would have married Grace if Eunie had turned me down (again!). I suppose that’s presumptive, since I never asked Grace.

Ah, but things are more complicated today. There are legal, ethical, law enforcement, and regulatory complications.

Have a look at this item from Cosmo* – the UK edition:

Know Your Bouncer - TERRIFYING!

The sidebar came from a terrifying article in the January 2009 issue.

It makes me glad that I’m not a woman. To be such a target might dampen one’s spirits a bit. Of course, most of the time it’s an excess of spirits that’s the problem. Ah, but ‘tis not for me to judge. I’ve tied a few on in my time.

* Yes, I read Cosmopolitan. If you want to know more about women, you don’t read Playboy! DUH!

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