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When I travel back to North America one of the most common questions I hear is, “What do you eat in Papua New Guinea.” That’s when it’s nice to have photos of the market.

I enjoy going to the market. Sometimes I actually buy things.

Usually, however, it’s to see what’s going one and take some photos.

How about some nice, stinky smoked tuna heads? Or, if you can’t afford a head, maybe a tail will do:Stinky smoked fish at the market in Madang, Papua New GuineaIf you’re making a stew, some carrots will do:Super-orange carrots at the market in Madang, Papua New GuineaThe colours are sumptuous at the market and the light coming through the trees plays wonderful tricks. These tomatoes are every bit as tasty as they look:Sweet, sweet tomatoes at the market in Madang, Papua New GuineaMaybe you’ve never tasted a sugar fruit. They are like passionfruit, but sweeter. The flavour is very yummy and aromatic, but the seeds are very crunchy. The flesh is very . . . I can only think of the word slimy to describe it. The combination of the gooey, slick flesh and the crunchy seeds takes a bit of getting-used-to. Think of bits of broken glass in gelatine:

Sugarfruit at the market in Madang, Papua New Guinea
Here we have sugarcane, bananas, green coconuts, and a big papaya:Sugar cane and bananas at the market in Madang, Papua New GuineaYou only need take a few things to the market for a pleasant hour or so. Take coins and small banknotes – they usually don’t have change. Take your camera. And don’t forget to bring your smile.

You’ll need it.

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