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Posted in Mixed Nuts, Under the Sea on December 28th, 2008 by MadDog
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It’s always a complement when someone asks to use one of my photos for a web site.

Marc Levenson of Reefkeeping – An Online Magazine for the Marine Aquarist did a nice job with one of my Christmas Tree Worm shots.

I take the liberty of showing you the cover here:

December 2008 cover of Reefkeeping Online Magazine

Click on the image to see what he did. After the first click on the photo at the centre, you’ll get a nice Christmas surprise.

Thanks, Marc.

Have a look inside the magazine while you’re there. It’s chock full of beautiful photography and valuable information for anyone interested in keeping a saltwater tank.

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Christmas Trees – Already?

Posted in Under the Sea on November 25th, 2008 by MadDog
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Since we’re approaching the season to be jolly like a runaway freight train, why don’t I show you some Christmas trees that you might want to put up in your lounge.

Well, maybe not. You’d have to flood your house with sea water.

Christmas Tree Worms are fun to photograph because they’re small, they don’t bite, and they can’t run away. They can disappear, however, back into their burrows faster than the eye can record.

They come in just about any crazy colour that you can imagine. Here’s a couple of deep sky blue ones:

Blue Christmas Trees?

These could pass for alien candy (where did that come from?):

Alien Candy

And these are examples of the extremely rare Tangerine Dream variety:

The Tangerine Dream variety of Christmas Tree Worm

Now for a mystery. What would you say this is:

Sea Cucumber Eggs?

You’ll see the size from the next shot. My guess is that it’s an egg deposit. I believe that it was deposited by a large sea cucumber (or bêche-de-mer).

Here you can see that it is quite durable. I was able to carefully pick it up and put it back on the sand without breaking it. I’d imagine that there are hundreds or thousands of tiny eggs glued into this sandy mass like flexible concrete:

Or flexible concrete?

If you have another idea, leave a comment.

If you decide to turn your house into an aquarium for Christmas, please send me some photos. I promise I’ll post them here.

If you’re a Yank, you’ll be looking forward to your turkey. I am – though I’m not much of a Yank anymore. I get mine on Friday evening when we invite Americans in Madang to partake of Eunie’s Thanksgiving feast.

Mmmmmmmmm, good!

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