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We leave Hamilton tomorrow. My old friend Georges Carillet – I’m sure that he’s reading this – would say that I’ve crossed over to the dark side again. Moody and dark, that’s me. It will be at least three more years before I see my son, Hans, his precious wife, Tamara – the daughter that I never had, and my darling granddaughters, Pippa and Audrey.

A couple of days ago Eunie and I went over to Tamara’s brother’s house for a little family dinner and a few beers. I got all moody and went out the the tracks behind Joel’s house just at the base of the Niagara Escarpment. Of course, I brought my camera along. Little whispers were just beyond my hearing.  I wanted to see if I could discern what they were saying to me. I often hear through my eyes.

Is this a separation from something or a rejoining to something else? Or, is it both:

Is this a joining or a separation?
No matter. If you’re making a crossing, best look both ways:

When crossing, look both waysChoosing not to cross at all isn’t an option:

Cross over or follow the tracks?Never mind. I’ve never been very interested in staying on the tracks. Crossing back an forth is more exciting.

If you’re making a crossing, take a friend:

Cross over with a friendIf you’re taking a friend with you, make sure that he remembers to bring the beer:

Cross over to the other side - bring the beer!Life’s full of crossings.

This is just another one.

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