A Dog’s Breakfast of Images

Posted in Humor, Mixed Nuts, Under the Sea on October 22nd, 2009 by MadDog
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a dog’s breakfast: British slang for “a complete mess” has been in usage since at least the 1930s. While no one took the time to write down the exact origin of the phrase, the allusion involved seems to be to a failed culinary effort, perhaps a burned or botched omelet, fit only for consumption by the mouth of last resort, Fido.

It’s been one of those days. Today I have (1) consulted with business associates concerning the establishment of J & E Enterprises Limited, (2) consulted with the Investment Promotion? Authority concerning whether or not the company is a “foreign” company, (3) adjusted our organisational chart so that it isn’t, (4) appointed a new director, (5) fixed a radio transceiver [unsuccessfully], (6) filled out many forms on which were printed questions which I did not understand (faked it), (7) tried to get another transceiver working [still out on that one], (8) tested a solar panel and battery, (9) ate lunch [five minutes while visiting BoingBoing], and it’s only 14:56.

That’s why I get the big bucks. (In my dreams.) Now, I’m staring at an empty page.

So, I’ll throw in your general direction some images that don’t seem to belong anywhere else.

This is a Bird of Paradise flower. Okay, okay, the whole thing is not the flower. The flowers themselves are only the little ‘molars’ of the dinosaur’s lower jaw, which is what it really  looks like to me. The big tusky things on the left are it’s . . . er . . . tusks.  I don’t know what the big white thing on the right is, maybe a thighbone of a human, who, according to some, were wandering aimlessly around contemporaneously with the dinos:

Bird of Paradise Flower

That being disposed of, I’ll now show you a Ship of Fools sort of image. An improbably tiny ship in a big, improbably blue sea under a surrealistically improbable sky. Don’t stare at it for too long:

Sunrise and Ship

I have to admit that I’m overly fond of this one. I showed you a similar shot a time ago. I just got around to working on this one. I had to do surprisingly little to it. The Canon G9 did a fine job all by itself. It’s the moon (didn’t notice it, eh?) rising across the harbour from our house:

Moonrise over Madang

Under the surface of Mama Ocean we are forever seeing blobby or spiky or weird things about which we have not a clue. This one caught my attention last Saturday and I decided to investigate it carefully instead of dismissing it as “sea goo”. As I was looking it and photographing it, I still didn’t know what it was. It’s about half the size of my hand:Juvenile Diverticulate Tree Coral (Dendronephthya roxasia)It wasn’t until I got the image up on my computer that it clicked and I realised what I’d been looking at.

Hah! It’s a juvenile Diverticulate Tree Coral (Dendronephthya roxasia),  as any fool can see:Diverticulate Tree Coral (Dendronephthya roxasia)The shot above is similar to one that I showed to you a few days ago. (Except better.)

That mystery now having been solved, I must return to the work for which I receive what is laughingly called “pay”.

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