The Space Cowboys Sunglasses

Posted in Humor on July 28th, 2009 by MadDog
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It’s a rainy, cold day here in Madang. The temperature is down to nearly 24°C (75°F for the Metric impaired). We’re all freezing.

Since I got to work early this morning, I’ll take a few minutes to have some fun. Saturday we went up to Blueblood on Mike Cassell’s Big Blue.  It was cloudy all day and in the afternoon the sea came up a little bumpy. Here’s a shot of the wake:

A bumpy grey sea

Mike put me behind the wheel on the way up. Sometimes it’s nice to get a chance to just ride in your own boat and not have to worry about driving it. I was enjoying the power steering and my new Space Cowboys sunglasses:

Showing off the new Space Cowboys sunglasses on Big Blue

If you’ve seen the movie Space Cowboys, you’ll probably remember the character played by Donald Sutherland, Captain Jerry O’Neill, USAF (Ret.). The former Astronaut, who now designs roller coasters, wears Coke-bottle-bottom glasses. An enthralled young female coordinator supplies him with a pair of very expensive Italian prescription sunglasses. Here’s the movie poster:

Space Cowboys

Hmmm, seems to be in French. Okay, it says something like, “They are the only hope of NASA.” Thank you, Babel Fish.

I immediately coveted those sunglasses, but had little hope of owning a pair as the company’s web site listed them at about US$850! Uh, that’s a little beyond my price range. Way beyond.

This year when we visited Illinios, we went to a WalMart store to get Eunie’s glasses repaired. I saw some nice looking frames on the rack and asked if they could fit them with varifocal lenses. Surprised that the answer was yes, I ventured to ask the price. Two hundred bucks! Okay, since I needed new sunglasses anyway (the old prescription died) I decided to spring for a pair.  I ordered brown polarised lenses because that’s what you need if you’re going out to sea.

So, since I never miss an opportunity to show you my wrinkled old mug, here are the WalMart knock-off Space Cowboys sunglasses in all their glory:

The Space Cowboys sunglasses

Thanks to Jennifer Miller for being my photographer. Now that I’ve brought Jenn to mind, I’ll show you a lovely shot of her taken by Rich Jones. Here Jenn is guest-driving Big Blue  in the late afternoon sun:


As boat drivers go, Jenn is much easier to look at than I.

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