Driving to Work

Posted in Mixed Nuts on December 12th, 2008 by MadDog
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How many people enjoy driving to work each day?

Come with me. It’s only about fifteen minutes. I’ll show you the scenes that I see every day on my way to the office.

A few minutes from my house, as soon as I get off the dirt road, I hit the Airport Road on my way to town. On a good day, I can see the mountains between the trees lining the road. The shadows of the morning sun paint interesting patterns on the tarmac:

Airport Road, Madang

Turning onto Coronation Drive for the scenic route, I can see the Finisterre Mountains across Astrolabe Bay through the coconut trees:

Looking across Astrolabe Bay

A minute further and I’ve reached Machinegun Point:

Machinegun Point, Madang

Around the curve at the end of the golf course, I can get out of the car and shoot back towards the Madang Country Club:

Looking toward the Madang Country Club

If I turn the other way, I catch the top of the Coastwatcher’s Monument over the tops of the trees. This is Madang’s most iconic landmark:

The Coastwatcher's Monument, Madang

Finally, in front of the Memorial Lutheran Church, I can shoot out across the inlet to Karkar Island about seventy kliks away:

Karkar Island from Madang

It’s a comfort each morning to know that no matter what kind of mess I find waiting for me at the office, at least I know that I will have a peaceful, untroubled, and beautiful experience getting there.

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Madang Potpourri

Posted in At Sea, Mixed Nuts on November 10th, 2008 by MadDog
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Lacking any coherent plan for writing today, I’ll bombard you with a wet, wet collection of miscellanea from Madang.

When the sun slithers down western sky in the afternoon, the opposite side of the harbour takes on a winelight glow that is very pleasing:

Canoe panorama

The lady in the canoe was a bit of an accident. I started this three-frame panorama at the left, not noticing that she was coming past the front of our dock. Surprised, I snapped the middle shot anyway and then the final one to the right. I lost a bit of the wake from her canoe because it had dissipated by the time that I snapped.

This is a long telephoto shot of Madang with the Finisterre mountains in the background. I was going to delete it because it’s a little blurry:

Madang from Tab Anchorage

Not every image has to be perfect. It’s just a goal.

I have shown you Little Pig Island before. Here’s another long telephoto shot with the Finisterre range in the background:

Little Pig Island against the Finnesterre Mountains

Again, not as sharp as I’d like, but interesting in an arty way.

This is a shot from some years ago of multiple fuzzy flying saucers hovering over Kar Kar Island. Insofar as I’m aware there were no encounters of the third kind or abductions:

Lenticular clouds over Kar Kar Island

If you would like to see some other (better) photos of lenticular clouds, try here, here, here, and here.

I was looking back over my off-shore shots of the Coastwatcher’s Monument. I think that I have found a better one than I showed to you before:

Another shot of the Coastwatcher’s Monument in Madang

This one is going on one of the postcards that I’m designing. I had hoped to have them out by Christmas time, but that’s not looking likely. I’ll be writing a post on Madang – Ples Bilong Mi when they are on sale in the shops and hotels.

Finally, I’d like to show you a view from our front yard when the chip ship is leaving:

The chip ship

It’s big! There is a wood-chipping factory right next door to us. When the mountain gets too high, they send in a huge ship to haul the chips off to make boxes.

So much for the trees.

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