A Week Into 2009

Posted in Photography Tricks on January 8th, 2009 by MadDog
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Crazy things are happening on Madang – Ples Bilong Mi. The look of the site will be changing day-by-day for a while. Semper Fi Web Designs and I are fiddling and scripting daily to get everything perfect.

I’m still unhappy with some of the colours, especially in the text. It’s devilishly difficult to find in the computer code where all the various colours come from unless it’s something you do daily. I’m still poking around in the code to pretty everything up the way I like.

Still, life goes on.

I woke up to a fine sunrise this morning; let me share it with you:

Good morning, sunshine
On the way to work I saw our tugboat out in Astrolabe Bay. The Finisterre Mountains were stunning in the background. The colours were too muted for my whimsical eyes, so I blasted them up to the level of surrealism. It’s beginning to take on a Warhol look:
The little tugboat that could

Not satisfied with that silliness, I tried a new filter. It’s called Redfield Fractalius. It’s a little pricey for a filter (about US$40), but I may spring for it. In this image, it has made the tugboat look as if it’s about to be consumed by a tsunami:
Tugboat about to be inundated by a tsunami

Never missing a chance to get my own image burned into your retinas (egotism is such a useful thing for filling up blog space), I massaged a photo taken by Eunie many, many years ago with the Fractalius filter:
Shaggy, fractalized MadDog
Truth is: I never looked so good.

Stay tuned. Some fresh new things are coming your way. I’m finding some über-cool new media gizmos with which I hope to amuse you.

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