Sheba – Princess of My Heart

Posted in Mixed Nuts, Opinions on February 20th, 2009 by MadDog
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If my wife is the Queen of My Heart (and she is), then my dog, Sheba, is the Princess.

What kind of blogger who loves his dog doesn’t feature his canine pal in a post occasionally? Heartless – that’s what it would be. I know she can’t read. She seldom browses the internet. But, in my heart, I know that she knows that I’m not giving her ample air-time. She can see it in my eyes.

We read each other well:

Sheba - Princess of My Heart

See what I mean. There is that listless accusing look that says, “You’re always talking about others. What am I? Chopped liver? Hey, wait! . . . mmmmmmm, chopped liver . . .”

She is a pretty little mongrel. I use the word “little” loosely. She probably weighs about thirty-five kilos. On a leash, it’s all I can manage just to hold her back. If she decides that she’s going somewhere, then I’m going also.

She’s about two years old now and I think she’s stopped growing. We almost lost her to a quack who called himself a veterinarian. What a charlatan! He’s been put on notice that it would be wise for him to stay away from Madang. He killed two animals the last time he was here and injured several more. You can plainly see the huge scar on her foreleg. It is just shiny black skin. I don’t think that she will ever have fur there again:

Sheba cooling her heels
She is easily the smartest and most trainable dog I have ever had. Most times, I don’t even have to say anything to her. If she can see me, all it takes is a gesture or a look and she knows what I want.

It is not that she is placid or lacks a will of her own. Sometimes she simply gets stubborn and I have to resort to shouting or get the whistle.

She is part Doberman, part German Shepherd, and part Rottweiler. There are probably a few others mixed in also. I truly believe that, in general, mongrels make the best pets. I’ve had purebreds and mutts. I love the mutts.

I am, after all, a mongrel myself.

You can get more of Sheba here, here, here, and here.


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In My Garden #4 – Shiny Happy Chilies Holding Hands

Posted in Humor, My Garden on March 4th, 2008 by MadDog
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As I was going to the car, I saw these cute little chilies just shaking off the morning dew.  Had to run back into the house to get my camera.  Here they are:

Happy Chilies

As I was taking the photo, the R.E.M. song Shiny Happy People started relentlessly humming in my brain. (Yes, it’s a strange and wonderful place in there – I hope I don’t have to relocate anytime soon.) So, without further elaboration, here’s an homage to R.E.M. for making me feel good this morning (with apologies to the songwriter).

Shiny happy chilies laughing
Meet me in the bush
Chilies chilies
Throw your love around
Love me love me
Take it into town
Happy happy
Put it in the ground
Where the chilies grow
Gold and crimson shine

Odly enough, the title of the song came from a Chinese propaganda poster. The song appeared in Michael Moore‘s anti-war film Fahrenheit 9/11 during footage of George H.W. Bush visiting the Saud family.

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