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You know those cute kitten websites where you can find sickeningly cute photos of baby cats by the thousands. People print them and hang them up next to their desk at their offices to lighten the load.

I can’t stand them – the cute kitten photos, not the people who hang them.

But, I’m feeling less cranky and irrationally opinionated for some reason this morning, so I’ll offer my own cute photos.

Want a cute cat? Here’s Fanci:

Fanci the cat

We came home from holiday one time to find that Juli, our haus meri had decided that she needed a cat. We’ve always had cats around. I like them and they keep the rats down to an acceptable level.

I like the way Fanci’s tongue is rolled up in a little “O” beneath her pink nose. That seems to pass for cute, eh?

Did you know that some people can do that and others absolutely cannot? I can do it, but it makes my tongue hurt. I read somewhere that it’s genetic. If you can’t do it, it’s not your fault – it’s in your genes. How nice. With all the horrible stuff toward which your genes can predispose you, there’s one that’s absolutely harmless. You’ll probably never suffer because you didn’t get the “Roll My Tongue Into an O ” gene.

I feel a little more sentimental about the next shot. It is, of course, our good friend and long-time dive buddy Carol. With Carol is Bunny2 (we called her Bunny for short):

Bunny2 and Carol

Sadly, Bunny2 made it only to about six months before falling victim to Parvovirus. We had given her all of the injections to prevent it. Not a single one of her litter survived longer. I hate Parvovirus.

We had a beautiful, sweet-natured dog named Bunny for thirteen years. It was hard when we lost her. Here’s a photo of Bunny the first towing a friend at Kranket Island beach:

Bunny the first and Britta

It looks cruel, but she loved it.

I used to think it was silly the way people who had no children at home would treat a pet almost as if it were their child. That was when I wasn’t in my 60’s and my son wasn’t half a world away.

Okay, dogs and cats are sometimes very cute. I admit it.

Babes are cute too. Here’s a couple of cute babes.

Meet the Eunice Messersmiths.


Well, that’s not surprising. They are both named Eunice Messersmith:

Eunice Messersmith and Eunice Messersmith

It seems so odd that I sometimes think of this baby as my first great-grandchild. You see, Juli has been very much like a daughter to us. She raised her own children in our house, we paid their school fees (there is no free education in Papua New Guinea), and we’ve gone through all the trials and tribulations of raising children – for the second time – as a family of sorts. So when Juli’s daughter had this baby, I felt like a great-granddad.

I won’t have any trouble remembering her name.

Isn’t life funny?

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