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Buzz . . . buzzzzz . . . Some twisty little junction in what poses as my brain just can’t seem to point away from Honolulu. It reminds me of the round-about in National Lampoon’s European Vacation. “Hey kids. There’s Big Ben.” Anyway, I’ll do a couple of more days; then maybe my circuitry will sort itself out.

This strange contraption caught my eye the first day. I stalked and captured the image; then promptly forgot what it was. The interesting gizmo appears to be some kind of giant crawly thing that goes up and down the side of a building as the workers are constructing it. See: it’s almost lined up with a row of windows and there’s some sort of scaffolding under it. What do you think? Weird, eh? Do they have to recruit small people to wriggle through it? What will they think of next?

Giant Mechanical Crawley Thing

As I was musing about the patterns around me, a cute diminutive aviator descended nearby and shot me a quizzical stare. He queried, “Whazzup, mate?” I couldn’t respond, since I’m not fluent in Birdspeak. He (she?) was very patient, however, allowing me to snap several images, accepting as a model’s fee only the pledge (I could only nod in the affirmative) that I would post the best one on the internet. Since I always keep my promises to small creatures, I now introduce this polite little bird-person for his fifteen minutes of fame:

Cute Little Bird - Honolulu

This next one is very curious. On Ala Moana Boulevard, right next to a place where you can hire a Harley by the hour for a mere month’s mortgage payment (no, I didn’t), is a modest Japanese Steak House. Eunie and I have been strolling in this area since 1981 (intermittantly, of course). In front of the doorway is this extraordinary little effigy. We’ve greeted it with polite bows many times. It has never moved a muscle in response. Possibly it is distressed by its sorry fate.

A Bear or What? - Honolulu

It is wearing a sun-hat with a chinstrap. He (not much doubt there) also seems, if I might be permitted a trivial vulgarity, rather well endowed. Is it a bear? Do they have bears in Japan? What does it mean? Do bears in Japan eat only Kobe steaks? Is that why he is so chubby? He appears to be well looked after. Do they bathe him regularly? Ah, . . . so many questions. I may someday pluck up the courage to step inside to ask what I’m sure that every employee in the restaurant has been asked a thousand times. In the meantime, I’ll allow it to remain one of the amusing little mysteries of life. Someday all will be made clear. I’m a patient man.

I don’t have a lot to say about this next image. It’s just a big crane. Nothing existential here – it just caught my eye. If you know me well, you are painfully aware that I enthusiastically subscribe to what are probably the most significant words that Sigmund Freud ever uttered, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” This big crane is (I think) just a big crane.

Big Crane - Honolulu

Whoops! I’m so sorry. Mea culpa. I was momentarily distracted by my memory of meeting a woman at a gathering last evening who graduated from the same high school as I in 1964. (How many George Washington High Schools do you suppose that there are in the USA? Millions?) I escaped that torture palace in 1962. My first words to her upon discovering this luxuriously bizarre congruency were, “Did we date?” She answered, “No, I don’t think so.” And then, of course, I had to make it worse by saying, “Oh, sorry. I thought I got around to all of you.” She demurred to reply.

Anyway, I’ll now correct my image dyslexia by adjusting the orientation of the first image I presented. It seems I got it turned about. It’s actually a giant garbage disposal. Look here . . .

Giant Garbage Disposal - Honolulu

I guess the workers simply shovel all the superfluous bits and pieces into the chutes and the whole mess tumbles down into a waiting something-or-other for disposal at some conveniently nearby endangered animal sanctuary. How clever. I wondered what all that clatter was about.

As you may have feared, I’m now on a roll. Does this mean that building a building is like sculpting a sculpture? Do you simply pile up a gargantuan heap of construction material (analogous to a huge lump of clay, I suppose) and then cast off whatever does not look like a building (or, for instance, whatever doesn’t look like David, if you’re Michelangelo)? I’ll have to sleep on that one. Aloha.

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