It Came From The Deep

Posted in Mixed Nuts on January 5th, 2010 by MadDog
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I was going to title this post Horrible Giant Sea Monster Mugs Merry-Makers at Blueblood.  But, that’s way too long. Nobody would believe me anyway. So, I’ll tell the truth. Up at Blueblood last Sunday, everybody but me had delicious crayfish and “bugs”, a kind of slipper lobster found in the local waters. I say everybody but me, because if I had eaten them I would not be here to tell you about it. I developed a deadly allergy to anything invertebrate that swims and has legs.

Anyway, I took the opportunity to snap off some shots to show you how wonderfully scary these things are up close and personal:

This is (I think) the Painted Cray (Panulirus versicolor).  I admit to some confusion as there is another species that is similar, but I took no notice of the tails, since I was not  going to be eating them. The two species are easily differentiated by the colouration of the tail.

How would you like to have one of these beat down your door and enter your boudoir  on a dark and rainy night?Man, that’s one scary crustacean!

Yesterday evening I was wasting time watching TV, a sickness for which I dearly wish there were a drug to cure, when I heard a fracas coming from the lounge. Eunice had left the front door open so that Sheba could come and go as she pleased and Kermit, our resident White-Lipped Tree Frog (Litoria infrafrenata),  decided to come inside for a look-see in hopes of finding some tasty bugs:

When Sheba returned from whatever it is that doggies do in the dark, she was so excited to see Kermit that she chased him up one of the carved wooden supports that hold up our roof. Naturally, I took his picture.

After photographing Kermit, I put my camera down and gingerly grabbed him just behind his ears, hooking my fingers gently around his shoulders (I don’t know the proper term for frog shoulders. Do you?). Anyway, after a brief moment of frantic flailing of froggy arms and legs, I cupped my hand under him and he activated his suction toes and stuck himself firmly to my hand. Listening carefully, I could hear him muttering, “What the . . . I was just browsing!” I carried Kermit out to our water tank leaf strainer where he keeps a small pad for entertaining the lady frogs.

While I was out on the veranda I was nearly bowled over by the wonderful sweet scent of our Night Blooming Jasmine (Cestrum nocturnum). This stuff grows like giant weeds all around our house. I think it would grow into trees if we didn’t keep it trimmed. Getting a little high on the scent, I snapped off a sprig and took it into the bedroom:I’m going to remember to do that once in a while. Being air-conditioned, it can get a little sterile in there. This variety of Jasmine is sweeter, more fruity and less sharp that the regular Jasmine – just the thing to take you by the hand and guide you off to slumberland.

Going back to Blueblood for a moment, I want to show you our friend Jessica wearing a stunning turquoise necklace. I’m a bit of a jewelry freak. It’s not that I like to wear it. I like to make  it:

This is one of the nicest in-matrix turquoise baubles that I have seen. Jessica knows how to wear it.

And that’s it from Paradise for today.

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