CWA Melbourne Cup Festivities 2007

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This from Jan Messersmith:

We’ll do without all the jibber-jabber and get right to the pictures.  (It was a fun afternoon and was certainly much better than working.)

Getting straight to the winners, we have your humble webmaster as best-dressed man (no, I did not steal those clothes).  Next we have Maureen Hill with the best colour-coordinated outfit.  Then comes Daphne Mari with the best Classic Melbourne Cup hat.  Finally we see Kath Créne with her Best Local Style hat.

The winners

Speaking of hats, Eunice Messersmith did not win a prize, but it was noted that she brought her entire garden on her head.

Eunice’s Garden

Karen Simmons, our visitor all the way from Jolly Old England, presents us with a stunning example of un chapeau le plus formidable. (Okay, my French stinks.  You should hear my German – Ich spreche Deutsches, als ob ich eine Gans war.)


Of course, we have to have the obligatory group photo:

Melbourne Cup Group

Finally, let’s pay tribute to the CWA staff, without whose cheerful help the party would have been scratched (and not because of equine flu).

CWA Staff

If you were wondering if anybody had a nice afternoon . . .  These two did!

Two Hats

CWA, thanks for a good time!

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